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Taking life to new heights in 2015

Each year, I like to share my New Year’s resolutions in the paper. After 12 months pass, I revisit each year-ending column to check the progress of my anticipated resolve.

That means I’m constantly looking forward and back.

Such self-reflection can have its advantages and disadvantages. Looking back has helped me learn from my mistakes and successes. I’ve had many of both. Who hasn’t? Putting the past behind me and looking to the future can also be in my best interest.

I’m all for this when there’s tough stuff I’d rather forget.

Looking back has helped me learn from my mistakes and successes. I’ve had many of both. Who hasn’t? Putting the past behind me and looking to the future can also be in my best interest.

Like that time my engine blew in my Jeep after making it over Vail Pass during white knuckle-driving weather. Or that one year, 2013. Also, much of 2012. I couldn’t catch a break that year if it dropped in my hands like a 60-yard TD pass from Peyton Manning. I’d do almost anything to catch one of those. The flu right now?

Not so much.

As 2015 quickly approaches, I’m hoping Peyton makes it to, and wins, another Super Bowl. As one of his biggest fans I’ll always keep the faith. I’m also looking forwarding to a year of new experiences. Seeing Peyton in my first trip to a Super Bowl would certainly qualify.

I hear Phoenix is great that time of year.

I’m resolving to take more chances in 2015, specifically with my love life. After several years of chronic singledom and relentless speculation surrounding my self-worth, I’ve come to realize I just might have been the one with commitment issues. I made choices that ultimately affected the level of commitment expected. I know, it’s crazy.

But likely the truth.

Admittedly, I always blamed the whole being single thing on the menfolk. I’m not proud of that. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my own personal battles with trust and fear of abandonment. By falling in love with a man who truly cares for me in every possible way and supports all my ambitions, I’m convinced I was doing something wrong before he sweetly came into my life.

I believe it’s possible to be lucky in love.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have been in the right place at the right time this year when he asked me for my number. I also know success in relationships ultimately takes hard work, mutual commitment, and serious communication. I’ve opened my heart to love and can only expect the unexpected.

That’s exactly what I needed.

There is something to be said about reviewing the resolutions of old, especially last year’s set. I like to give myself an extra four-month-and-20-day extension for New year’s resolutions, until my birthday. So I’m feeling like some magic could still happen.

At least until my birthday.

A quick review of last year’s column at this time shows I had some big aspirations. Not surprising. I had hoped to travel to Europe, which did not happen. I’ll never give up on that one.

Let’s just call it a lifetime resolution.

I did go to an Oktoberfest party at a German place in Indianapolis this fall. And I had an epic first date at an Italian restaurant with my boyfriend. I recommend the Hofbräu Oktoberfest.

And the chicken marsala.

I had hoped for a trip to L.A., too, for the chance at doing some comedy and playing “The Price is Right” on national television. Those pipe dreams also didn’t come to fruition in a year’s time, but I will never give up. Just once I want to hear “C’mon down!” as I hysterically head down the aisle, arms waving in the air as I don a personalized T-shirt reading, “Drew Carey Me Home!”

Just once.

In looking back, in 2014 I also resolved to become a YouTube video critic with my grandpa’s old green parrot Icky. We were supposed to be Internet sensations by now. Sometimes talking birds don’t learn the English language as quickly as anticipated. Also, training a parrot to be witty on command is a little more difficult than expected. He’s certainly a naturally funny little guy. Mostly when he feels like it.

If Icky were a female pop star, he would be a diva.

Icky is getting there, though, and has picked up a few new one-liners in the last year. The other day my mom and dad were leaving the house and he said, “Bye! Have fun!” The “Have fun!” part is a new thing he learned from my mom.

She always gives the best advice when I’m headed out the door.

Icky has also added “Whatever” — which may or may not have come from me — and “That’s funny” to his growing vocabulary. He also likes to laugh along during conversations. Recently I heard him say “We’re laughing” in between creepy little bird chuckles while I was on the phone sharing something funny with my friend Kat.

Birds laughing should have their own YouTube channel.

At some point all Icky’s quirky quips, new and old, will come in handy when we’re reviewing puppy and kitten videos on the Internet. He can give a wing up or down, per his opinion. Luckily we a have a four-month-and-20-day extension to make that happen.

Happy new year, friends.

April E. Clark’s 2015 resolutions also include being an extra as a firefighter in “Chicago Fire” and writing a book. She can be reached at aprilelizabethclark@gmail.com.

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