The Chainsmokers play surprise Belly Up Aspen concert |

The Chainsmokers play surprise Belly Up Aspen concert

Andrew Travers
The Aspen Times
The Chainsmokers performing a surprise set at Belly Up Aspen early Saturday morning.
Michael Goldberg/Courtesy photo

Swigging tequila and dancing to “Tequila,” the EDM superstar duo The Chainsmokers took the stage at Belly Up early Saturday morning for a surprise set after a concert by Lost Kings.

Lost Kings, resident DJs at Wynn Las Vegas, had been billed as playing with “special guests.” But the $28 ticket price didn’t suggest those guests might be the chart-topping and Grammy-winning duo behind “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

At about 12:15 a.m. The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart walked onto the stage with Belly Up co-owners David and Danny Goldberg. Exchanging hugs and hand-slaps, Lost Kings’ Robert Gainley and Dr. No turned over the DJ console to Pall.

Dr. No welcomed the band by yelling to the sold-out crowd “Everybody get your middle fingers in the air!”

This secret-show coup for Belly Up materialized because Chainsmokers’ Pall and Taggart were in town — with Lost Kings and friends — for the bachelor party of their manager and Disruptor Records label founder Adam Alpert, who was reluctantly dragged onstage. Regulars at Belly Up throughout their meteoric rise, Chainsmokers most recently headlined the club during X Games last year.

Performing mid-bachelor party is a feat in itself ,and this surprise late-night Chainsmokers set was, let’s say, less than polished. But the ecstatic and soldout crowd — seeing the biggest EDM stars on Earth perform unannounced in a 450-capacity club in Aspen — was not complaining. They spent the set dancing, snapping photos and singing along with Taggart — who jumped in and out of the crowd several times and passed around a bottle with fans — on hits like “Closer” and “All We Know.”

As the set wound down, Gainley — the Lost Kings DJ — joked of his special guests: “We had to bring our friends up here. They couldn’t get this show on their own.”

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