Tips for sticking with your fitness resolution |

Tips for sticking with your fitness resolution

James Main operates a Krankcycle at the Glenwood Springs Community Center on Monday.
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According to a Horizon Media survey released this past January, 82 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions choose health and wellness as priorities, but only 22 percent of them stick with a fitness routine all year.

It can be tough to form a new habit, especially when visible results don’t show up right away. But a few fitness experts in Glenwood Springs have some advice to keep you going if getting in shape is one of your goals for 2015.

James Main, the athletics, fitness and wellness coordinator for the city of Glenwood Springs, said one thing that will help you stick to a routine is if you make your workout a priority and schedule it like you would any other appointment. Make a note in your planner or your calendar app on your phone setting a specific time to hit the gym, and don’t be late.

He said starting slowly is also important. One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a fitness routine is overdoing it early and burning out. He said even if working out seems easy at first, that’s better than feeling overwhelmed.

Another way to keep up the habit is to find a friend or family member to work out with.

“They provide motivation, inspiration, determination and conversation,” Main said. “Or do something with the family. Sign up for a 10K, or run while your kids ride their bikes.”

Finally, he said, celebrate even the small things. If your goal was to hit the gym three times this week, and you did it, take some time to do something special for yourself.

Mark Volf, the club director at the Glenwood Hot Springs Athletic Club, said one of the most important things to do when starting a new fitness routine is to set realistic goals for yourself.

“These goals need to be long term, short term and intermediate,” he said. “Most people that begin a fitness program want results right away. Some minor results can be accomplished, but a plan and realistic expectations need to be the priority.”

Volf suggests trying a variety of types of exercises, like resistance training, cardio, yoga, pilates or group exercises. Find what you enjoy, and do a range of workouts to keep from getting bored.

He also said getting information and advice from a variety of sources will leave you well-equipped to find something that works for you.

“There are definitely other fitness philosophies out there, so find one that fits your needs physically, emotionally and financially,” he said. “Hiring a certified personal trainer will help you stay on track and help keep you motivated.”

Steve Wells, the owner, manager and personal trainer at Midland Fitness, said rather than just focusing on working out, you need to focus on working out correctly.

“My advice for people who are starting out is to improve posture and mechanics along with exercise,” he said. “This will help to cope with the stress of starting an exercise program.”

Wells said making a 90-day plan right off the bat will help to keep you accountable and form a long-term habit. In that plan, he said, leave time for stretching and ask an expert about how to stretch properly.

“This maintenance minimizes inflammation and stress — two things that will slow down progress just as fast as you make it,” he said.

Of course, nobody has to join a gym or hire a personal trainer to get in shape, but having a facility with professionals to answer questions and give advice is a good idea. These three fitness centers and many others throughout the valley offer cardio and weight equipment, fitness classes and personal trainers to get you the workout you need. Do your research, call around, and visit the places that interest you until you find a good fit.

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