Twin strangers of the world, unite! |

Twin strangers of the world, unite!

For my birthday this year, I want to find my twin. She’s out there somewhere.

I’m sure of it.

This revelation is sparked from recent headlines about three friends in Ireland who have become viral sensations by seeking out the person who looks the closest to them using social media. The friendly competition, called the Twin Strangers project, is based on the notion there are seven people in the world who look exactly like each of us. I have a pretty close match in my best friend Megan. People confuse us for sisters all the time.

We just go with it.

And I’ve been likened to comedy powerhouse Tina Fey, mostly when I wear black-rimmed glasses. I take that as a genuine compliment. I can also play a pretty accurate Lucy when equipped with red lipstick and orange hair tint.

I’m still working on the voice.

The three Twin Strangers friends — Niamh, Terence and Harry — have been on a mission to find their closest match in one month. Niamh has already pulled ahead by finding her doppelgänger after just two weeks. She’s a woman named Karen who lives just an hour from her in Ireland.

How crazy is that?

The online project started with Niamh, Terence and Harry asking people to upload their photos on the blog site and share with friends to help spread the word. They have since created a Facebook page and are utilizing the powers of YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to match up international look-alikes online.

I like when people use the Internet for fun.

The YouTube video of Niamh and Karen meeting and the photo shoot that followed after they dressed alike shows how uncanny their resemblance is and makes me wonder where my twin stranger is in the world. Maybe she’s in Ireland, too, a descendant of the McAnany (or McArnerny) clans of County Cork. Maybe she’s in Colorado or Indiana.

She could be just an hour away, and I don’t even know it.

It will be fun to see the doppelgängers unite and the photos that will follow. It will also be interesting to see if many of the twin strangers look into their genealogies and discover that maybe their bloodlines have crossed. I’m a Daughter of the American Revolution, so maybe my twin has similar bravery in her background. Maybe our forefathers were part of the Boston Tea Party.

I’ve always had a bit of resistance in me.

The family history connection potential of the Twin Strangers project could really take off and make for a cool documentary. I’ve been into genealogy since I was a Girl Scout earning a badge studying my family tree. I geek out over that TLC show, “Who Do You Think You Are?” and find the celebrities’ stories about their family histories intriguing. The Emmy-nominated show, whose executive producer is Lisa Kudrow, has featured celebrities including Matthew Broderick, Cindy Crawford, Chelsea Handler, Spike Lee, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelsey Grammer, Josh Groban, Susan Sarandon, Brooke Shields, Emmitt Smith and more.

Everyone has an interesting story.

I’m not sure if I share any great-great-great grandparents with a twin stranger out there. But it would be exciting to find out if I do have a doppelgänger with greenish hazel eyes, freckles and fair skin. Even better would be if she liked Mel Brooks movies, Cubs baseball, thin-sliced pepperoni pizza, IPA, mountains and old-school rap. Or maybe I’ve come pretty close in my girl Megan.

We grew up about 15 minutes from each other. Maybe our twin strangers are closer to us than we ever imagined. And just think, there could be six more of us out there in the world. Social media could find out for us.

That would be an outstanding birthday gift.

April E. Clark always thought she kind of looked like Rachel on “Friends,” but mostly because she had the haircut. She can be reached at

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