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Whit’s End: Share your favorite soups, recipes or restaurants

Who orders soup at a pizza place?

Certainly not me — until I had my wisdom teeth extracted. My family visited days later, and one evening found us at White House Pizza in Carbondale. I had tried soft foods intermittently throughout the week, but there was no chance pizza would qualify. I considered pasta instead. But after perusing the menu, I was drawn to an item that had already fed so much of my recovery: soup.

This wasn’t just any soup, though. It takes more than an everyday tomato or chicken noodle soup to distract me from lasagna. The menu description alone left me salivating:

“Chicken Provincial: Chicken, artichoke, spinach, onion & tomato in a savory herbed broth.”

The dish itself fulfilled that promise. I urged my grandmother to try a bite, and her husband to follow suit. I was barely jealous of their Supremo pizza (though I was happy to accept the leftovers). In fact, I again ordered a bowl of chicken provincial on my next visit to the restaurant.

Autumn’s chill is here, and winter is coming. So I’d like to know: What are your favorite soups? If it’s from a local restaurant, we may highlight it in a future article. If it’s an old family recipe, we’d love to share it with our readers.

I’ve got several favorites of my own: Molly Wizenberg’s tomato soup with fennel. A zuppa tuscana recipe my mother shared. Boss’ Bangin’ IPA chili, a concoction by my friend Laura Kate Whitney’s husband. Chicken soup with lentils and barley, a new favorite introduced by my friend Robyn. Thai coconut soup and sweet-and-sour soup whenever I’m feeling ill. And now, White House Pizza’s chicken provincial soup.

Features Editor Carla Jean Whitley doesn’t care what time of year it is, she’s always up for soup.

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