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15 minutes with … a cafeteria worker

City of residence: Glenwood SpringsAge: 28Place of birth: Leavenworth, Kan.Occupation: First-year “lunch lady” at Glenwood Springs Elementary SchoolWhen did you move to Garfield County and why? 1991. My uncle (Russ Tomlin) was the principal at Basalt Middle School.First thing you’d buy after winning the lottery? A houseFirst or best job ever? Probably my best job ever was as a preschool teacher. I kind of just subbed at different preschools.Favorite fashion designer brand? Tommy Hilfiger, I have to be honest.Best vacation ever? California. We went to Marine World (now Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, outside San Francisco); that was really cool. What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy reading. I help coordinate the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. Also, bicycling. Greatest accomplishment? Just being a young family and surviving in the valley I think is a big accomplishment. I have two kids, Gavin and Lillie. Gavin is 6 and Lillie is 9. (Linsey is married to Jeremie.)Ever had a book, movie, news event change your life? “Growing Kids God’s Way.” That really changed our parenting.Best piece of advice you’ve ever received, or a cliché to live by? I always say practice makes perfect, which is kind of a funny one but seems to be true.As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher. I definitely plan to be one someday. I just took some time off with the kids.If you only had three TV channels, what would you watch? Probably Channel 4 (in Denver) and we watch the Discovery Channel a lot and National Geographic.Any tattoos? I do have a tattoo. It’s a lily tattoo for my daughter. It’s on my ankle.If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would they be, what would you serve and what would you talk about? My grandfather. I think it would be neat to have the president. And If I don’t say Hilary Duff for my daughter I’m going to be done for. I think it would be cool to talk to the president and to understand where he’s coming from on his political stuff. Definitely I’d serve crab legs because that’s my favorite, and then twice-baked potatoes and we’d probably have to serve some kind of steak because not everybody loves crab legs.What’s the greatest invention of all time? I’d have to say the iPod’s pretty cool.Why did you get into the cafeteria business? One of the main reasons was to be with my kids, to have the same schedule. But the ladies here are great; they’re fun people to work with.Your students’ favorite meal? Pizza. The breakfast pizza and the lunch pizza. They love it.Do you cook much at home? Yeah, a little bit.Your own kids’ favorite food? They love pork tenderloin.Difference between cooking at home and in a cafeteria? It’s different making things in big bulk, for sure. It’s mainly about being prepared, is what I’ve learned in the last few weeks. It’s not like at home. You can’t just wait until the last minute to make something. You’ve got 400 kids waiting to eat something and you’ve got to have something for them to eat.Challenging part of the job? The scariest thing is the big watermelons. Today we had to cut huge watermelons. The kids get frustrated. They want the exact same piece so you have to be really careful, cutting things straight and even. If there’s two slices of pepperoni pizza, one with one piece of pepperoni and three on the other, they always want the one with three.Rewarding part of the job? It’s kind of neat to watch kids with good manners come through and truly be appreciative. I think that’s something that’s really cool.FavoritesChef: My mom. Her Swedish meatballs are really good.Condiment: KetchupMovie: “Grease.”Breakfast cereal: Honey Bunches of OatsSong: “Castle on a Cloud.” It’s one of the songs Lillie likes to sing.Web site: I like any where they do recipes, baking recipes.Place in Garfield County: Rifle FallsSport to watch: Soccer

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