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15 minutes with … a surveyor

Tracey Langhorn

Name: Tracey LanghornAge: Not tellingPlace of birth: Lake George, New YorkOccupation: Office manager for Bookcliffs SurveyingWhen did you move to Garfield County and why? In 2000, to start this surveying business First thing you’d buy after winning the lottery? I’d probably upgrade my house because I really want to do that right now.First or best job ever? Selling lift tickets at Vail

Best vacation ever? A road trip through the northwestern United States. We took a big RV trip and swam every place we could find.What do you do in your spare time? Garden and hang out with my daughterGreatest accomplishment: Learning this profession – surveying.Ever had a book, movie, news event change your life? No, I don’t think so.Best piece of advice you’ve ever received; or a cliché to live by? Don’t sweat the small stuff.As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I can’t remember that far back. I’m more of a day to day person.If you only had three TV channels, what would you watch? I don’t watch a lot of TV – NBC, PBS and The Food Channel.

Any tattoos? NoIf you could invite any three people to dinner, who would they be, what would you serve and what would you talk about? I would invite Jesus, Mother Teresa and Buddha. And I’d serve a vegetarian dish, of course. I’d ask them, “OK, what’s it all about? Why? Why are we here?”What’s the greatest invention of all time? Probably the telephone, because it keeps us connected.FavoritesMovie: “What The Bleep Do We Know?”Breakfast cereal: Life

Song: “The Rose,” by Bette MidlerSinger: Nancy GriffithAthlete: Don’t have oneFood: FreshWeb site: Google, because it takes you everywherePlace in Garfield County: My homeSport to watch: In the summer, diving. I’ll probably watch curling tonight.

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