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40th Fall Art Festival award winners

Grand Champion: Joel Johnson, Leadville. Reserve Champion: Carol A. Cook, Arvada.Oil/Acrylic Landscape: 1st: C. J. Chadwell, Victor; 2nd: Dan Young, Silt.; 3rd: Kathryn A. McMahon, Colorado Springs. Honorable Mention: Nini Eckels, Lakewood; Mary Noone, Glenwood Springs; Marc Dino Farnese, Montrose; and Jane Lee, Silt.Oil/Acrylic Still Life: 1st: Douglas Arneson, Glenwood Springs; 2nd: Joe Milich, Lakewood; 3rd: Hiram Richardson, Carbondale. Honorable Mention: Daniel Edmonson, Ft. Collins; Rita Cirillo, Woodland Park; and Mark Mace, Carbondale.Oil/Acrylic Portrait/Figure: 1st: George Coll, Loveland; 2nd: Celine Krueger, Eagle; 3rd: Mark Lemon, Eagle. Honorable Mention: Dean Bowlby, Silt; and Cynthia Callahan, Aspen. Oil/Acrylic Non-human: 1st: Hiram Richardson, Carbondale; 2nd: Connie Johnson, Calhan; 3rd: Daniel Loge, Grand Junction. Honorable Mention: Liz Thele, Carbondale. Honorable Mention: Cynthia Sampson-Files, Nucla.Pastel Landscape: 1st: Tish McFee, Carbondale; 2nd: Peter Heineman, Morrison; 3rd: Sandy Kaunisto, Centennial. Honorable Mention: Marica Fusaro, Snowmass. Honorable Mention: Velma H. Allred, Boulder.Pastel Still Life: 1st: Gene Smith, Morrison; 2nd: Sandy Kaunisto, Centennial; 3rd: Nancy Wylie, Arvada. Honorable Mention: Terrie Lombardi, Denver; and Beverly Lee, Grand Junction.Pastel Portrait/Figure: 1st: Beverly Lee, Grand Junction; 2nd: Bonnie Iris, Boulder; 3rd: Roger Davis, Aspen. Honorable Mention: Nancy Martin, Glenwood Springs; and Jeanmarie Parks, Glenwood Springs.Pastel Non-human: 1st: Betsy Blackard, Rifle; 2nd: Penny Creasy, Grand Junction; 3rd: Julie Woods, Elizabeth.Mixed Media Still Life/Other: 1st: Ann Kurz Chambers, Grand Junction; 2nd: Wilda Fortune, Grand Junction; 3rd: A. Annabel Moore, Cotopaxi.Mixed Media Landscape: 1st: Ann Kurz Chambers, Grand Junction; 2nd: Mark Henthorn, Glenwood Springs; 3rd: Anne Martinez, Broomfield. Honorable Mention: Arlene Law, Glenwood Springs; and Carol A. Cook, Arvada.Abstract: 1st: Katie Brandt, Lakewood; 2nd: Trudi Schmidt, Denver; 3rd: Nancy Martin, Glenwood Springs. Honorable Mention: Ryan Watkins, Grand Junction.Watermedia Landscape: 1st: Joel Johnson, Leadville; 2nd: Jane Seglem, New Castle; 3rd: Karen Ramsay, Ft. Collins. Honorable Mention: Becky Silver, Westminster; Susan Winkler, Golden; and Carol Bowker, Crawford.Watermedia Still Life: 1st: Joel Johnson, Leadville; 2nd: Donna Lee Clemenson, Denver; 3rd: Sally Thompson, Glenwood Springs. Honorable Mention: Letitia Hess, Lafayette.Watermedia Portrait/Figure: 1st: Paul Berger, Scio, Ohio; 2nd: Stephanie Hoffman, Ft. Collins; 3rd: Paul Berger, Scio, Ohio. Watermedia Non-human: 1st: Carol A. Cook, Arvada; 2nd: Carol Bowker, Crawford; 3rd: Janet White, Lakewood. Honorable Mention: Barbara Rathbun, Arvada; and Tanya L. Haynes, Aurora.Graphics: 1st: Jennifer Matthews, Glenwood Springs; 2nd: Ruth Mollman, New Castle; 3rd: Kathryn Wheeler, Avon. Honorable Mention: Jon MacManus, Salida; and Puanani Warnke, Arvada.Pottery: 1st: Terry Shepherd, Grand Junction; 2nd: Melanie Doerpholz, Grand Junction; 3rd: Frederick Doerpholz, Grand Junction. Honorable Mention: Gail Price, Aspen.Sculpture: 1st: Sue Quinlan, Boulder; 2nd: Gene Milway, Loveland; 3rd: Carol Amey, Loveland. Honorable Mention: Stephanie Preston, Grand Junction.

Grand Champion: Rachel Herrera, Ft. Collins. Reserve Champion: Laura Wright-Smith, New Castle.Oil/Acrylic Landscape: 1st: Ladonna Urban, Glenwood Springs; 2nd: Martha Cochran, Glenwood Springs; 3rd: Collins Redman, Colorado Springs. Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Desautels, Denver. Honorable Mention: Mimi Jordan, Paonia.Oil/Acrylic Still Life: 1st: Judi Wood, Colorado Springs; 2nd: Jane Bunegar, Littleton; 3rd: Susannah Vandyke, Louisville.Oil/Acrylic Portrait/Figure: 1st: Rachel Herrera, Ft. Collins; 2nd: Janice Reese, Palmer Lake; 3rd: Lois Winegarner, Ft. Collins. Oil/Acrylic Non-human: 1st: Susan Anderson, Arvada; 2nd: Vaneta Diller, Colorado Springs; 3rd: Gail Highland, Arvada. Honorable Mention: Terry Bridgman, Grand Junction; and Maria Sippola, Glenwood Springs.Pastel Landscape: 1st: Ginney Abblett, Denver; 2nd: Staci Dickerson, Carbondale; 3rd: Wendi Smith, Snowmass. Honorable Mention: Carol Murphy, Carbondale. Pastel Portrait/Figure: 1st: Darwin Miner, Boulder.Pastel Non-human: 1st: Carol Murphy, Carbondale.Watermedia Landscape: 1st: Bob Wood, Glenwood Springs; 2nd: Marilyn Oden, Rifle; 3rd: Roxanne Morris, Carbondale. Honorable Mention: Sandy Wicklund, Lakewood; and Pat Newell, Walsenburg.Watermedia Still Life: 1st: Karla Fischer, Arvada; 2nd: Pat Newell, Walsenburg; 3rd: Jill McFarland, Kittredge. Honorable Mention: Pan Demos, Grand Junction; and Kathy Gaines, Denver.Watermedia Portrait: 1st: Marilyn Oden, Rifle; 2nd: Janna Belau, Glenwood Springs; 3rd: Greg Marquez, Denver. Honorable Mention: Roxanne Morris, Carbondale.Watermedia Non-human: 1st: Nefeli Schneider, Castle Rock; 2nd: Jean Davidson, Bern; 3rd: Ann Lieber, Glenwood Springs.Graphics: 1st: Sara Decker, Grand Junction; 2nd: Jonathan Seawalt, Parachute; 3nd: Chris Erickson, Dillon. Honorable Mention: Caroline Metzler, Paonia.Abstract: 1st: Karen Gagnard, Morrison; 2nd: Chris Warot, Aurora; 3rd: Chris Warot, Aurora.Mixed Media/Still Life/Landscape/Other: 1st: Barbara Eberhardt, Westminster; 2nd: Karen Repper, Lakewood. Honorable Mention: Wendi Smith, Snowmass; and Karen Repper, Lakewood.Pottery: 1st: Laura Wright-Smith, New Castle; 2nd: Steve Chesley, Rifle; 3rd: Steve Chesley, Rifle. Honorable Mention: Steve Chesley, Rifle.Sculpture: 1st: Bethany Owen, Glenwood Springs; 2nd: Gaea Milway, Loveland. Honorable Mention: Cassandra Sokal, Glenwood Springs.

Grand Champion: Curt McDonald, Silt.Reserve Champion: Yvonne Hubbard, Glenwood Springs.Oil/Acrylic Landscape: 1st: Karen Rife, Colorado Springs; 2nd: Karen Chandler, Arvada; 3rd: Bob Martin, Palisade. Honorable Mention: Donald Cohu, Colorado Springs; Darcelle O’Connor, Eagle; Susan Schuchter, Loveland; and Donald Cohu, Colorado Springs.Oil/Acrylic/Still Life/Portrait-Figure/Non-human: 1st: William Cowhick, Denver; 2nd: Suzy Duroux, Glenwood Springs; 3rd: Karen Valdez, Salida.Mixed Media/Still Life/Landscape/Other: 1st: Jeanette McFarland, Littleton; 2nd: Vickie Haws, Littleton; 3rd: Micki Cohen, Glenwood Springs. Abstract: 1st: Tara Myers, Littleton; 2nd: Patti Harrison, Arvada; 3rd: Sabrina Taylor, Ft. Collins.Watermedia Landscape: 1st: Yvonne Hubbard, Glenwood Springs; 2nd: Fran McDermott, Littleton; 3rd: Dot Mulligan, Glenwood Springs. Honorable Mention: Warner Reeser, Lakewood; and James O’Shea, Lakewood.Watermedia Still Life/Portrait-Figure/Non-human: 1st: Stan Hightower, Lakewood; 2nd: Stephanie Huntington, Littleton; 3rd: Fran McDermott, Littleton. Honorable Mention: Myrna Smith, Morrison; and Patti Harrison, Arvada.Graphics: 1st: Barbara Stormer, Glenwood Springs; 2nd: Norine Anna Rhudy, Littleton; 3rd: Debbie Novak, Glenwood Springs. Pottery: 1st: Curt McDonald, Silt; 2nd: Tara Tripp, Rifle; 3rd: Curt McDonald, Silt. Honorable Mention: Curt McDonald, Silt.Sculpture: 1st: Edward Reilly, Northglenn; 2nd: Ryan Fleming, New Castle.

Glenwood Springs Art Guild Special Exhibit: 1st: Gene Smith, Morrison; 2nd: Nancy Martin, Glenwood Springs; 3rd: Esther Moolick, Glenwood Springs. Honorable Mention: Kathy Fleming, New Castle; and Susan Haskins, Greeley.

Glenwood Chamber Resort Association Contest: Judge Jeanne Mackenzie: Rita Cirillo, Woodland Park. Judge Jackie McFarland: Ed Pointer, Wichita, Kan. Judge Damian Radice: Sue Quinlan, Boulder.Basalt Printing & Art Supply: Gene Smith, Morrison. Main St. Gallery and The Framer: Marc Dino Farnese, Montrose. Custom Framers: Barbara Stormer, Glenwood Springs. Nobel Hospitality: Fran McDermott, Littleton. Sandra Gardner Celebration of Nature Award: Julie Coffman, Carbondale. Jack Roberts Memorial: Carol Egbert, Peyton. Moolick Awards. Professional Category: Painting: Carol A. Cook, Arvada; Pottery: Gail Price, Aspen; Sculpture: Sherrill Stone, Carbondale. Advanced Category: Painting: Maria Sippola, Glenwood Springs; Pottery: Marilyn Cozza, Rifle; Sculpture: Gaea Milway, Loveland. Amateur Category: Painting: Suzy Duroux, Glenwood Springs; Pottery: Curt McDonald, Silt; Sculpture: Edward Reilly, Northglenn.Pastel Society of Colorado Special Award: 1st: Ron Zito, Englewood; 2nd: Bonnie Williams, Brookeland, Texas. Artists Mercantile Award: Karen Repper, Lakewood. American Soda, LLC: Kristen Olsen, Denver. Fischer Floral: Lettitia Hess, Lafayette. Special 40th Year Sculpture Award: Irmgard Knoth, Monument. H.R. Meininger Co. Educational Awards: 1st: Sara Fowler, Glenwood Springs; 2nd: Amanda Kurz, Carbondale; 3rd: Jeffrey C. Sharpe, Glenwood Springs. Honorable Mention: Laura Meredith, Carbondale.Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association: June Reid, Colmesneil, Texas (Chamber Citizen of the Year) and Ollie Sherman, Glenwood Springs (Chamber Volunteer of the Year).

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