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45th Annual Fall Art Festival results

Grand Champion: Lise MacGregor, Grand JunctionReserve Champion: (TIE) Margaret Jensen, Estes Park; Scott Shaffer, Grand JunctionOil/Acrylic Landscape1st: Margaret Jensen, Estes Park2nd: Ginger Lecher, Arvada3rd: Mary Henthorn, Glenwood SpringsHonorable Mention: Susan Reed, CortezHM: Carol Egbert, PeytonHM: Susan Reed, CortezHM: Liz Thele, CarbondaleOil/Acrylic Still Life1st: Esther Moolick, Glenwood Springs2nd: Mary Noone, Glenwood Springs3rd: Susan Winkler, Coupeville, WAHM: Susan Winkler, Coupeville, WAAbstract1st: Nancy Martin, Glenwood Springs2nd: Nancy Priest, Denver3rd: Margaret Webb, Grand JunctionHM: Thelma Tavelli, DenverOil/Acrylic Portrait/Figure1st: Hiram Richardson, Carbondale2nd: Nini Eckels, LakewoodHM: K.D. Spoering, Grand JunctionHM: Anita Coker, Grand JunctionOil/Acrylic Non Human1st: Marcia Fusaro, Snowmass2nd: Linda Fleming, Glenwood Springs3rd: Marcia Fusaro, SnowmassHM: Roger Davis, AspenPastel Landscape1st: Laurel Astor, Glenwood Springs2nd: Dawn Sagar, Grand Junction3rd: Kathy Steckel, CrawfordHM: Cal Johnson, Wheat RidgeHM: Karen Lawrence, SalidaHM: Donna Lee Clemenson, DenverPastel Still Life1st: Lise MacGregor, Grand Junction2nd: (TIE) Laurel Astor, Glenwood Springs; June Davis, GoldenHM: Nancy Martin, Glenwood SpringsPastel Portrait/Figure1st: Amber Schneider, Denver2nd: Denise Henley, CarbondaleHM: Paul Berger, Scio, OhioPastel Non Human1st: Penny Creasy, Grand JunctionHM: Penny Creasy, Grand JunctionGraphics1st: Gene Milway, Loveland2nd: Loretta Casler, Ridgway3rd: (TIE) Ruth Mollman, New Castle; Nuria Moya, Glenwood SpringsMixed Media1st: Sally Thompson, Glenwood Springs2nd: Mary Hamilton, Madeira Beach, Fla.3rd: Betty Atkins, LakewoodHM: Kris Robinson, ParachuteHM: Jackie McFarland, ArvadaWatermedia Landscape1st: Tom Berger, Lakewood2nd: Fred Honchell, Delta3rd: (TIE) Linda Helmich, Glenwood Springs / Jane Seglem, New Castle

HM: Roger Milway, CedaredgeHM: Mary Lou Akers, LakewoodWatermedia Still Life1st: Linda Nadel, Montrose2nd: Kathleen Mullen, Arvada3rd: Glenda Scheuerman, Grand JunctionHM: Letitia Hess, LafayetteHM: Virginia Blackstock, HotchkissWatermedia Portrait/Figure1st: Kathleen Mullen, Arvada2nd: Carolyn Berry, Belmont, MIHM: Sydney Eitel, LakewoodWatermedia Non Human1st: Joan Engler, Carbondale2nd: Frank Gnatek, ParachuteHM: Sydney Eitel, LakewoodHM: Linda Nadel, MontroseSculpture1st: Scott Shaffer, Grand Junction2nd: Robert Hayes, Denver3rd: Daphna Russell, CedaredgePottery1st: Terry Shepherd, Grand Junction2nd: Gail Price, Aspen3rd: Bob Walsh, MackHM: Joanie Post, Grand JunctionHM: Terry Shepherd, Grand JunctionHM: Debera Stewart, Silt

Grand Champion: Linda Schneider, DenverReserve Champion: Mary Hager, MontroseOil/Acrylic Landscape1st: Mary Hager, Montrose2nd: Molly Squibb, Denver3rd: Karen Chandler, Arvada / Xue Pritzkau, LittletonHM: Gail Crowder, VailHM: Molly Squibb, DenverHM: Mary Hager, MontroseHM: Lois Winegarner, Ft. CollinsOil/Acrylic Still Life1st: Laurie Usken, Ft. Collins2nd: Jennifer Law, Carson City, NVHM: Ruth Stewart, GoldenHM: Laurie Usken, Ft. CollinsAbstract1st: Maxine Buchholtz, Grand Junction2nd: Susan Schuchter, LovevlandHM: Jeremy Antwine, Grand JunctionOil/Acrylic Portrait/Figure1st: Susannah Vandyke, Louisville2nd: Jennifer Law, Carson City / Xue Pritzkau, Littleton3rd: Linda Fitzgerald, GlenwoodPastel Landscape1st: Nancy Cale, Grand Junction2nd: Carol Murphy, Carbondale3rd: Carol Murphy, CarbondaleHM: Sharon Vogel, FruitaPastel Still Life1st: Linda Schneider, Denver2nd: Nancy Cale, Grand Junction3rd: Linda Schneider, DenverPastel Portrait/Figure1st: Laurie Sorkin, Littleton

2nd: Margaret Oswald, Grand Junction3rd: Morine Rosenberg, RidgwayHM: Laurie Sorkin, LittletonPastel Non Human1st: Marjolein, Erasmus, RidgwayMixed Media1st: Maxine Buchholtz, Grand Junction2nd: William Rump, Glenwood SpringsHM: Vickie Lee Haws, LittletonHM: Bette Solowitz, RifleWatermedia Landscape1st: Yvonne Hubbard, Glenwood Springs2nd: Lynette Wilson, Littleton3rd: Bobbie Johnson, RidgwayHM: Yvonne Hubbard, Glenwood SpringsWatermedia Still Life1st: Connie Cox, Battlement Mesa2nd: Fran McDermott, Littleton3rd: Kathryn Friedmann, South St. Paul, Minn.HM: Martha Cyrus, AspenWatermedia Portrait/Figure1st: Sue Jenkins, MonumentHM: Sue Jenkins, MomumentHM: Linda Schooley, Grand JunctionWatermedia Non Human1st: Ann Lieber, Glenwood Springs2nd: Pat Brown, MontroseGraphics1st: Michelle McCarty, Grand Junction2nd: Mary Blichmann, Silt3rd: Michelle McCarty, Grand JunctionHM: Gary Stull, DenverSculpture1st: Carol Ann Rasmussen, Cedaredge2nd: Martha House, Grand JunctionHM: Carlene Toy, Woodland ParkPottery1st: Margaret Oswald, Grand Junction2nd: Mary Sommerfeld, Grand Junction3rd: Mary Sommerfeld, Grand JunctionHM: Laura Wright Smith, New Castle

Grand Champion: Sharron Perrotti, WoodmoorReserve Champion: Jackie Chandler, CarbondaleOil/Acrylic Landscape1st: Ruby Toussaint, Colorado Springs2nd: Edward Hansen, Commerce City3rd: Jillian Mayles, DenverHM: Ruby Toussant, Colorado SpringsOil/Acrylic Still Life1st: Sharron Perotti, WoodmoorHM: Savanna Koch, New CastleOil/Acrylic Portrait/Figure1st: William Cowhick, Denver2nd: Savanna Koch, New CastleHM: Ana Tavcar, Glenwood SpringsOil/Acrylic Non Human1st: Dorothy Scott, Parachute2nd: Edward Hansen, Commerce CityPastel Landscape1st: John Adams, Glenwood Springs

Mixed Media 1st: William Cowhick, Denver2nd: Marilyn Mac, CarbondaleHM: Leigh Springer, LittletonWatermedia Landscape1st: Jackie Chandler, Carbondale2nd: Randi Randolph, DenverHM: Cheryl Annett, LakewoodWatermedia Still Life1st: Tana Leonhart, Carbondale2nd: Cheryl Annett, Lakewood3rd: Cheryl Brown, Grand JunctionHM: Sue Zohdy, LakewoodWatermedia Portrait/Figure1st: Tana Leonhart, CarbondaleWatermedia Non-Human1st: Dot Mulligan, Glenwood SpringsGraphics1st: Chanda Webb, Grand JunctionHM: Peggy Schey, GoldenSculpture1st: Dorothy Scott, ParachuteHM: Heather Abrahamson, La JuntaHM: John Carveth, LakewoodPottery1st: Rene Fisher, Rifle2nd: Allison Degner, Littleton3rd: Rene Fisher, RifleHM: Rachael Trimble, LittletonHM: Allison Degner, LittletonHM: Maria D’Agrosa, Grand Junction

NOBLE HOSPITALITY: Kathi Mudd, LittletonChamber Resort Association1st: Mark Lemon, Eagle2nd: Mary Pilon, New Castle3rd: Carol Egbert, PeytonMOOLICK AWARDSPainting: Laura Astor, Glenwood Springs. Margaret Oswald, Grand Junction. Dot Mulligan, Glenwood Springs. Sculpture: Scott Shaffer, Grand Junction. Merry Karraker, Woodland Park. Jim Roark, Silt.Pottery: Andy Goette, Meeker. Liz Milway, Cedaredge. Christy Krizivar, GoldenPASTEL SOCIETY: 1, Lise MacGregor, Grand Junction. 2, Linda Schneider, DenverBASALT PRINTING: Susan Haskins, GreeleyMAIN STREET: Thelma Tavelli, DenverJURORS: Victor – Linda Schneider, Denver; Cindy – Amber Schneider, Denver; Steve – Nini Eckels, LakewoodJACK ROBERTS MEMORIAL: Marcia Fusaro, SnowmassGRAY MEMORIAL: Kristen Olsen, DenverLAND TITLE SCULPTURE: Martha House, Grand JunctionARTISTS MERCANTILE: Prof: Ann Kurz Chambers, Grand Junction; Adv: Linda Fitzgerald, Glenwood Springs; Ama: John Adams, Glenwood SpringsCOMMUNITY BANKS: Nancy Priest, DenverHOME SWEET HOME: Valorie Snyder, LittletonWILDLIFE APPRECIATION: Shawn Shea, EnglewoodSPECIAL EXHIBIT: 1, Susan Haskins, Greeley. 2, Dan Oakleaf, Arvada. 3, Nancy Andresen, Gypsum

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