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48th annual Fall Art Festival winners

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Professional ClassGrand Champion: Terry Shepherd, Grand JunctionReserve Champion: Ashlee Comerford, JohnstownOil/Acrylic Landscape1. Marcia Fusaro, Snowmass2. Margaret Jensen, Estes Park3. Joe Milich, LakewoodHonorable Mention: Jan Haughom, Denver; Mimi Jordan, Westminster; Pat Carney, Lousiville; David Cook, Grand Junction; Betsy Dunbar, Basalt; Joe Milich, Lakewood.Oil/Acrylic Still Life1. Susannah Vandyke, Lousiville2. Noemi Kosmowski, Glenwood Springs3. Rande Brewer, Glenwood SpringsHonorable Mention: Arlene Law, Glenwood Springs; Dan Oakleaf, ArvadaOil/Acrylic Floral1. Ladonna Urban, Westminster2. Susan Winkler, Coupeville, Wash.3. Lillian Montoya, WestminsterOil/Acrylic Portrait/Figure1. Ashlee Comerford, Johnstown2. Ashlee Comerford, Johnstown3. Mark Lemon, EagleHonorable Mention: Hiram Richardson, CarbondaleOil/Acrylic Animal1 Cat Deuter, Cedaredge2. Dan Oakleaf, Arvada3. Cynthia Sampson, NuclaHonorable Mention: Cat Deuter, Cedaredge; Noemi Kosmowski, Glenwood SpringsPastel Landscape1. Cal Johnson, Wheat Ridge2. (Tie) Cynthia Thomas, Glenwood Springs, and Diane Fechenbach, Highlands Ranch3. Susan McKelvy, Buffalo CreekHonorable Mention: Maggie Cook, Grand JunctionPastel Still Life1. Lise MacGregor, Grand Junction2. Ida Burnaman, CarbondalePastel Floral1. Kathy Steckel, Crawford2. Lise Macgregor, Grand JunctionPastel Portrait/Figure1. Karen Spotts, Littleton2. Marcie Reed, CarbondalePastel Animal1. Pam Boutilier, Basalt2. Susie Harvin, Palisade3. Betsy Blackard, RifleCollage/Batik/Mixed Media1. H. Puanani Warnke, Arvada2. Arlene Law, Glenwood SpringsAbstract1. Karen Heber, Lakewood2. Dorle Bertrand-Green, Broomfield3. Susan Mckelvy, Buffalo CreekHonorable Mention: Carolyn Tegeder, LittletonWatermedia Landscape1. Pat Fostvedt, Morrison2. Jane Seglem, New Castle3. Linda Helmich, Glenwood SpringsHonorable Mention: Carol Cook, Arvada; Jane Seglem, New CastleWatermedia Still Life1. Glenda Scheuerman, Grand Junction2. Cindy Brabec-King, Palisade3. Diane Fechenbach, Highlands RanchWatermedia Floral1. Tanis Bula, Denver2. Pat Fostvedt, Morrison3. Joan Engler, CarbondaleHonorable Mention: Carol Ann Rasmussen, CedaredgeWatermedia Portrait Figure(Tie) Linda Helmich, Glenwood Springs, and Nancy Lewis, PalisadeHonorable Mention: Cindy Brabec-King, PalisadeWatermedia Animal1. Sydney Eitel, LakewoodHonorable Mention: Charles White, Lakewood; Linda Nadel, MontroseGraphics1. Ted Devlin, Delta2. Marcie Reed, Carbondale3. Mark Foltz, Grand JunctionPottery1. Terry Shepherd, Grand Junction2. Bob Walsh, Mack3. Curt McDonald, LovelandHonorable Mention: Annie Brooks (two entries), Glenwood Springs; Judy Davis, Glenwood Springs.Sculpture1. Daphna Russell, Cedaredge2. Gaea B. Milway, Loveland3. Lisa Grace, Glenwood SpringsHonorable Mention: Donna Rozman, Crested ButteAdvanced ClassGrand Champion: Sally Davidson-Marovich, EvergreenReserve Champion: Marla Wieck, LovelandOil/Acrylic Landscape1. David Mosier, Fruita2. Molly Squibb, Denver3. Marla Wieck, LovelandHonorable Mention: Mason Torry, Gypsum; Julian Lewkowicz, LafayetteOil/Acrylic Still Life/Floral1. Sharron Perotti, Monument2. Nancy Cale, Grand Junction3. Anna Rhudy, CentennialOil/Acrylic Portrait/Figure1. Janice Warriner, Castle RockOil/Acrylic Animal1. Marla Wieck, Loveland2. Celie Matteson, MontrosePastel Landscape1. Judy Milne, CarbondaleHonorable Mention: Sharon Vogel, Fruita; Pastel Still Life/Floral1. Sally Davidson-Marovich, EvergreenHonorable Mention: Carol Hawkins, New CastlePastel Portrait/Figure3. Jennifer Quaco, Glenwood SpringsPastel Animal1. Morine Rosenberg, Millerton, South Africa3. Carol Murphy, CarbondaleWatermedia Landscape1. Janis Goldblatt, Ft. Collins2. Connie Cox, Battlement Mesa3. Peggy Schey, GoldenHonorable Mention: Sandra Saxton, Parachute; Bobbie Johnson, OurayWatermedia Still Life/Floral1. Martha Cyrus, Aspen2. Janis Goldblatt, Ft. Collins3. Roxanne Morris, MontroseHonorable Mention: Teresa Tracy, LittletonWatermedia Portrait/FigureHonorable Mention: Peggy Schey, GoldenWatermedia AnimalHonorable Mention: Trudy Ungaro, Glade ParkGraphics1. Nefeli Schneider, Castle Rock2. Michelle Patee, Grand Junction3. Robert Johnson, LakewoodHonorable Mention: Lana Tyler, LivermoreAbstract1. Cynthia Smith, Centennial2. Teresa Tracy, Littleton3. Ann Hopkinson, Glenwood SpringsMixed Media1. Donna Bergman, Grand Junction2. Bette Solowitz, Rifle3. Susan Owens, Colorado SpringsHonorable Mention: Nancy Cale, Grand JunctionCollage1. Erina Rader, CentennialPottery1. Joyce Webb, Silt2. (Tie) Marianne Breed, Basalt; Kathleen Hamilton, Silt3. Joyce Webb, SiltHonorable Mention: Rene’ Fisher, RifleSculpture1. Joyce Webb, Silt3. Jacob Wallen, New CastleAmateur ClassGrand Champion: Sarah Hamingson, Moab, UtahReserve Champion: Alan Noland, New CastleOil/Acrylic Landscape1. Judy El, Dear Trail2. Sheila Schneider, Monument3. Emile Olbert, Grand JunctionHonorable Mention: Libby McNeill, Glenwood SpringsOil/Acrylic Still Life1. John Stauffer, Tampa, Fla.Oil/Acrylic Portrait/Figure1. Phyllis Hackett, Glenwood SpringsHonorable Mention: Linda Zerangue, AvonOil/Acrylic Animal1. Linda Zerangue, AvonMixed Media1. Leigh Springer, Littleton2. Sue Zohdy, LakewoodAbstract1. Jessie Whitcher, Arvada2. Kim Erlandsen, Ft. Collins3. Olivia Dixon, Glenwood SpringsWatermedia Landscape1. Cheryl Jenkinson, Moab, Utah2. Dot Mulligan. Glenwood SpringsHonorable Mention: Laura Green, WestminsterWatermedia Floral/Still Life1. Cheryl Jenkinson, Moab, Utah2. Jim Rothrock, Lakewood3. Tina Shiflett, New CastleWatermedia Animal1. Tara Vetter, RifleWatermedia Portrait Figure1. Alan Noland, New Castle2. Tara Vetter, RifleGraphic1. Marco Agustin, Morrison2. Hannah Shiflett, New CastlePastel Landscape1. Sarah Hamingson, Moab, Utah2. John Adams, ParachutePottery1. Kathleen Hamilton, Silt2. Ashtonn Means, Grand Junction3. Donovan Hill, SiltSculpture1st and 2nd, Jim Roark, SiltHonorable Mention: Maria D’agrosa, Grand Junction; Olivia Dixon, Glenwood SpringsSpecial AwardsChamber Of Commerce “125 Years Of Glenwood Springs”1. Pat Winters, Glenwood Springs2. Cynthia Thomas, Glenwood Springs3. Arlene Law, Glenwood SpringsGlenwood Springs Art Guild Special Exhibit1. Laurel Astor, Glenwood Springs2. Michelle Patee, Grand Junction3. Karen Heber, LakewoodHonorable Mention: Pat Carney, Louisville; Tana Leonhart, Carbondale; Ted Devlin, Delta; Marcia Fusaro, SnowmassJuror’s Choice Tom Owen: Marcia Fusaro, SnowmassJohn Encinias: Jacob Wallen, New CastleDamian Radice: Donovan Hill, SiltBasalt Printing & Art Supply: Laurel Astor, Glenwood SpringsMain St. Gallery And The Framer: David Mosier, FruitaNoble Hospitality: Sue Zohdy, LakewoodSandra Gardner Celebration Of Nature Award: Laurel Astor, Glenwood SpringsFischer Floral: Tanis Bula DenverWildlife Appreciation: Betsy Blackard, RifleArtist Mercantile – Professional: Lynne Denio, New Castle; Advanced: Brent Hickmon, Glenwood Springs; Amateur: Alan Noland, New CastleLand Title Sculpture Award: Jacob Wallen, New CastleArt Of Turning 80: Pan Demos and Jan Haughom, Denver”Reflections” Award: Jan Haughom, DenverPastel Society Of Colorado Special Award:A. Nancy Martin, Glenwood SpringsB. Diane Fechenbach, Highlands RanchGentrys Flowers “Lighter Side Of Life”: Phyllis Hackett, Glenwood Springs

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