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5 minutes with …someone in the process of building her own house

Timekeeper: Kay Vasilakis
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Name: Martha Fredendall

Town of residence: Glenwood Springs

Occupation: Nonprofit director ” Literacy Outreach

Family dynamics: Husband, Brent Israel; daughter, Teka Israel; and son, Wyatt Israel; one cat and one dog

How long have you lived in Glenwood Springs? 25 years

Why are you building a new house? We needed a bigger house and it sounded like fun at the time.

Where are you building a new house? We are staying in Glenwood only a few blocks from where we currently live.

How much of the construction are you and your husband doing? I will probably do very little. My husband doesn’t even trust me to paint, because I usually wear more than I get on the wall. He will do most of the work himself.

What is Brent working on now? He’s digging the hole and getting ready to pour concrete.

Why is it taking so long? There are too many options and possibilities and he likes to do all the work himself.

Is this the first house you’ve built together? No, we built our current house together in 1989, or rather he built the house and I worked and took care of the baby.

Was it a hard decision to build another house? Hmmm … It did take us another 15 years to decide to build another one.

What is the hardest part about building a house? Making decisions.

Do you and your husband have compatible design styles? No. I love old houses and he is into energy efficiency.

Do you and your husband agree on most design details? Eventually we agree. Sometimes I just tell him to decide or I ask my daughter to make the decision. I have a very difficult time imagining the end product. I just can’t visualize things. He has to draw almost every detail for me.

Who is most likely to go overbudget ” you or your husband? This is probably the one thing we agree on. We have very similar spending habits.

Will you have to have granite countertops? No, we are having these really cool concrete countertops.

Do you watch design shows on TV? I haven’t watched TV since 1980.

What is the most important thing about your new house, for you? My patios and gardens and the kitchen.

What do you look forward to (besides being finished) during the construction? I am looking forward to having a maintenance-free exterior so we can spend our summers relaxing instead of staining the deck.

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