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58 homes are enough

Dear Editor:

I would like to add my voice to that of Jim Hawkins and Sean Jeung regarding Four Mile Ranch. To make the citizens of Glenwood Springs bail out a bank that made a bad loan is absurd. To take what was once a beautiful piece of land and turn it into 150 homes is a travesty.

The additional traffic that will feed into the Four Mile Road – Midland intersection, in spite of the roundabout promised by the developer, will soon become unwieldy. The additional 92 homes that the developer is proposing means a probable increase of 184 vehicles (assuming two cars per household). That probably translates into 368 trips through the intersection per day (assuming one round-trip per vehicle which is not far-fetched).

A great deal of damage has already been done to the area. The snow and wind now howl across the road in front of Four Mile Ranch, creating whiteout conditions and ice slicks. In spite of all the work done last summer on Four Mile Road, the water from the snow runoff coats the road and freezes because there is no longer any place for the runoff to go. The natural terrain has been destroyed and is now a hill held up by a retaining wall. I have lived up Four Mile Road off and on since 1988 and have never seen conditions as hazardous as they have been this winter even in years with greater snowfall.

The root cellar is gone. Much of the original topology has been altered. Where deer once grazed rocks have been piled and gullies dug. There is no changing what has been done but enough damage is enough.

Please, it is time to stand up for what is right and not sell our souls and our land for a “road improvement” and perceived additional taxes dollars. Remember, a lot of tax dollars will be needed just to support those additional 92 homes. Fifty-eight homes were approved. Let 58 homes be the bottom line.

Sharon Andersen

Four Mile Resident

Glenwood Springs

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