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A break from politics

Out There
Stina Sieg
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO

No matter how you feel politically, I’ll bet this election seems just as dire as can be. It does for me. For the last few weeks, I’ve been keeping up with every last detail. I’ve been voraciously eating up each fresh revelation. God, not this weekend though.

It’s time to turn off the analytical side of my brain and slide into something absolutely apolitical.

Bring on the knitting.

Here’s something that all walks of society get into, from hippy Earth mamas to conservative grannies. A few years ago, there was a wave of young, urban hipsters of both genders who took it up, too. I started when I was 6, along with my Waldorf classmates. Though I’ve taken off some years here and there, this time-consuming little skill has pretty much always been there for me for the last two decades.

What a sanctuary.

Sometimes the world just seems so cerebral to me. My work is about deduction and word choice and great, philosophical conversations ” and that’s why I love it, of course. But an escape is necessary some of the time. For me, knitting is about relaxing into a strict pattern and falling into a silent rhythm. I don’t have to be witty or verbose when I knit. The yarn doesn’t care. I only have to be present for it ” and ready for a long commitment.

I could have that sweater done in just 100 hours, I think to myself.

No, for all its timeless, meditative beauty, knitting isn’t all that practical. It would be much cheaper and quicker to buy something similar at Target. But I, like other knitters, don’t care. Hobbies aren’t about making sense. Sometimes I wonder how anyone could spend so much time growing orchids, working on old cars or collecting stamps. But if it makes you feel grounded, if it gets you excited, what does it matter? Being able to tune out the world and tune in to something that you truly love is a beautiful thing.

Especially during election season.

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