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A cure far worse than the disease

Dear Editor,

I see where Paonia’s residents were up in arms about the recent spraying of Malathion to kill mosquitoes that might be carriers of the West Nile Virus. Under pressure, the city government substituted something supposedly nontoxic.

It brought back memories of the outrage I felt in 1984 when a crop duster sprayed insecticide over residential areas in Glenwood. It left a smelly, greasy slick over windows, cars, vegetation and everything else, not to mention lungs. I don’t know who authorized that spraying, but I suspect City Hall. Talk about pure idiocy! At the time, I was so mad I had thoughts of shooting the plane out of the sky.

It’s bad enough we have to contend with all the other pollution in this world without our own government deliberately poisoning its own citizens. … Fluoridation also comes to mind. (Albeit, they do it with good intentions. … You know that road to hell!)

To endanger the health of the entire community in order to possibly kill a mosquito that could possibly be carrying West Nile Virus that could possibly infect a vulnerable citizen, is criminal, to say nothing of just plain nuts! (Sounds like U.S. foreign policy.) And don’t give us any of that claptrap about low toxicity. A whole series of misguided, insidious government policies (not just local) piled one on top of the other over the years definitely has the cumulative effect of creating compromised immune systems and therefore vulnerable individuals. Anyone for a vicious cycle?

I certainly hope our city leaders are not considering such measures. But, if my protestations are to no avail, please have the decency to inform our citizenry (which should be law), when, where, how, why and with what we will be attacked. I, for one, plan on being out of town that day if at all possible, for whatever good that will do me.

Come to think of it, we’d all be much better off if all synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and all ___cides were totally outlawed worldwide.

We have to overcome our relentless drive to subdue the natural order or we will surely subdue ourselves right out of existence.


Steve Campbell

P.S. That’s what I call a pre-emptive verbal strike informed by past and continuing atrocities carried out with the use of weapons of mass destruction. Want a real eye-opener? Look up chem trails on the Internet, look up in the sky and then tell me Chicken Little is paranoid.

Steve Campbell

Glenwood Springs

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