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A different opinion of social services

Gerald McKeel

Dear Editor,

First I wish to laud you on your support on the subjects of open government and sunshine laws, as these are very basic precepts of our forefathers.

However, there is a branch or department of our government where these precepts are not observed or they are concealed. This department shields itself behind tight security, locked steel doors and bullet-proof glass, and give as an excuse for their position an untruth.

This department has an unprecedented, unreasonable and, in my opinion, illegal control of the legal system in support of its actions. I believe it violates the Constitution nearly every time it exercises its powers. Its powers extend via its tentacles to the governor’s office and the state government and our elected officers and representatives. Its power even extends into the news and press system that the entire United States depends upon for policing our government.

How do I know all of these things and what is the basis for this letter? It is based on documented attested-to experiences and the most egregious acts perpetrated upon my family that you can imagine. But as I am getting on in years, I am to the point where I don’t give a damn anymore and no amount of threats will keep me quiet.

If they can do it to an entire family, they can certainly do it to you.

The agency or department that I accuse and refer to is the Mesa and Garfield county departments of social services. Questions, anyone?

Gerald McKeel

Glenwood Springs

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