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A dip into hedonism

Out There
Stina Sieg

Every weekend for the last five years, I’ve faced the same issue.

It’s impossible to be in your 20s and not be kind of crazy.

You could easily argue that we’re crazy at any age, but I think there’s something very specific about the experience of being in your 20s. It’s full of ego and experimentation and learning experiences that knock the wind right out of you. Everyone my age is trying to “make it” in some way, me included. We’re all doing the mating dance, and we all know everything, and we’re so ready to take the world by storm. During our weekends, we’re supposed to be social and hang out with other people our same age at parties or clubs. We’re supposed to bring back racy stories or at least network.

The thing is, I never really feel myself in that world. My weekend plans usually involve yarn and movies, maybe a potluck or folk dancing. And I’m OK with that. So when, a few weeks back, my friends decided to hit the Aspen social scene, I dragged me feet.

Then, somehow, I had the time of my life.

It was a Saturday night, and the indie-rock band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah was at the Belly Up. I arrived in a swarm of girls, and we were soon surrounded by an even larger pack of young, beautiful people. I swear, no one in the place was older than 30, and they were all strangers to me. While I should have been intimidated, I just embraced it. I drank some and took the atmosphere all in, and by the time the band was playing, I was ready to dance.

Near the stage, I was in a sea of people. They were all smiling and excited, and as the upbeat music continued, I waded through them. During the last few songs, I was right in front of the band, who were pretty, young lads themselves, and I was banging out the beat of music with my fists on the stage. I was bubbling with happy vibes, completely swept up in a tidal wave of youth. Whenever I stole glances behind me, it looked like everyone else was feeling the same. The moment was unsustainable but nice anyway.

As I think back to that night, it makes me smile. It’s not like I’m going to start club hopping or staying out every night. But I like that sometimes, if all goes right, I can enjoy that hedonistic lifestyle of my demographic.

And yeah, for a little while, I can enjoy the fact that I’m 25 and crazy.

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