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A fresh start to the life we seek

Evan Zislis
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Sometimes a change of scenery is all we need to improve our outlook.

I have found that when spaces stagnate over time, they can lose their potential to inspire. As a kid, I was known to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom several times a year – often in comical configurations that made absolutely no sense.

Whether practical or absurd, my early proclivity for interior design always provided a unique perspective and a fresh approach to blooming wherever I happened to be planted.

These days, helping clients to design clutter-free, well-organized, blissfully stimulating spaces is my passion.

Rearranging our stuff can effectively and affordably re-engage the senses and ignite the imagination.

Well-configured spaces have the power to inspire productivity, purpose, serenity, healing, creativity, love and harmony. Intentionally readjusting the things in our space may be the easiest way to give a fresh start to the life we seek and improve the relationships with those we love most.

I applaud households that rearrange their stuff at least once a year to help rejuvenate the vibrancy of their home.

For those who need assistance, I encourage clients to make this process as simple as possible. Start with a few considerations for what I call “intentional interiors.”

When evaluating any space, ask yourself: 1) what is my ideal vision, 2) how would I like to feel in this space, and 3) do the objects already in this space support the first two questions?

Giving this process some thoughtful consideration helps to ensure that the result we are hoping for is a close approximation to our vision, rather than arbitrarily laying things out and hoping for the best.

Your ideal vision is a good starting point to identify what we are working towards. Often this is a mixture of sensations or images – other times, the ideal draws tangible connections to specific genres, activities, cherished objects, or locations in nature.

The more we can flush out what you see in your mind’s eye, the easier to reproduce that vision.

Often clients confess that they are not exactly sure what they are working towards, but they know for certain that what they’ve got just is not working for them anymore. Sometimes all it takes is objectivity and a little creative encouragement to affordably bring renewed aesthetic, function and flexibility to the rooms of your home.

How we want to feel emotionally helps to shape our palette of color, texture, shape, light, sound, life and finish in each space.

For example, in our home office, we want to feel productive and energized. In our bedroom we want to feel overcome by a restful sensation of love and tranquility. In our living room, we want to playfully luxuriate in complete harmony with friends and family. In our kitchen, we want to move with ease and purpose, inspired to create culinary marvels that nourish body and soul. Our exterior spaces stimulate a heartwarming connection with the natural world around us.

If the rooms in your home do not support how you want to feel, it may be time to re-evaluate and get intentional about the layout and design of your space.

The Intentional Solutions’ three-step method, 1) simplify, 2) clarify and 3) inspire, encourages us to 1) purge that which no longer supports us, 2) organize everything we love, and 3) refresh our spaces to promote inspired, intentional living.

Fortunately, clearing the way to the life we seek can be as simple moving things around.

A few tips to help us get started: Less is usually more, so subtract. Consider what we can gift to local thrift stores in our community. Contain that clutter in labeled bins until we are ready to tackle smaller projects.

Allocate some time, turn on some music and have fun!

– Evan Zislis is founder and principal consultant of http://www.MyIntentionalSolutions.com, delivering hands-on organizational solutions for households, businesses, nonprofits, students, and life transitions. To comment or suggest column topics, visit the Facebook page “Intentional Solutions.” For more information about simplifying your stuff and organizing your life, call 366.2532 or email evan@MyIntentionalSolutions.com.

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