A leftist radical in our midst

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

Sue Gray says in her latest defense of Saddam, “Your fear and hatred of Saddam is misplaced. You have been duped by a propaganda campaign against Iraq’s leader.”

I admit I was quite surprised at these latest ramblings, and then decided perhaps I could get some insight by checking out her Web site,

And guess what I found? Many links to leftist organizations, not the least of which is the Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace. This organization is a front for the International Solidarity Movement, which is a mainstream Palestinian support group.

The Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace funds itself in part by directing donors to make checks payable to the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute, a tax-exempt organization in New York, which provides funding and/or office space to a wide variety of leftist organizations, including groups linked to Muslim terrorists.

The Muste Institute has adopted the Colorado Coalition as a fiscal sponsor, accepting tax-deductible donations and passing them on. Therefore donors can help undermine the security of Israel in particular while getting a tax break.

The ISM defends the violence of suicide bombers, the violence of 9/11, and the violence of Saddam Hussein.

So now we all know exactly where Sue Gray is coming from, folks.

When she says “the reputation of Saddam as an evil oppressor is greatly exaggerated,” now you can understand why. Bet you did not know you had a leftist radical in your community.

God bless America.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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