Real estate column: A look at trends in home renovation |

Real estate column: A look at trends in home renovation

Sean de Moraes

If you’re getting bored with your home and are ready to put your hard-earned money to work this summer to freshen things up, you’re probably wondering what to do. Should I remodel the kitchen, bathrooms or install new floors?

If your home is older, I’d say probably all of it, so get to work. Before you do, though, realize that the money you’re about to spend probably will not be seen again at 100 percent should you decide to move shortly thereafter. Do it for you and not for a hoped-for buyer in a year, because they may not like what you’ve done.

However, sticking with the current trends is generally a good bet. So what are some of the current trends to consider?

Kitchen: If you are considering a kitchen remodel, listen to the kitchen designers and scour the Internet for recent pictures. Consider an island with a built-in eating bar if you don’t have one. Since people always end up in the kitchen, give your family and guests a place to be part of the action, but still be out of your way. Build in a place where they can pull up a stool and have a place to set their drink or indulge in appetizers.

Contrast: We’ve seen a lot of white kitchen cabinets recently, which look really cool when done properly, but don’t be afraid to change it up for that new island. With this, you can even change up the counter top material with a butcher block. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

Human docking stations: We used to call them mom desks. If you’ve got the room in your home, consider a desk area that is not hidden away in a room far, far away. Technology is allowing us to work smarter and tidier than ever before. Most people don’t need a huge desk with overflowing papers and built-ins all around anymore. Considering adding a desk area to the kitchen or a desk off to the side of the living space. But keep it clean and tidy so it looks like it belongs. Since everything is wireless today, go ahead and put the printer in a cabinet or the credenza for the few times you need it.

Bathrooms: Bored of seeing the same pedestal sink in every house? So am I. Change it up, but don’t necessarily purchase a complete vanity. Instead, head to the used furniture store or garage sale and repurpose a cool old piece. Use an old dresser or desk, something that’s a one-of-a-kind piece and get creative.

Take it outside: As the weather is turning nice, bring your living outside and make it an extension of your home. Decorate the outside with furniture that looks like it belongs inside, add a rug, hang some wall art, use end tables and ottomans, maybe add an outdoor TV.

Many cool little things can be done to keep your home fresh and current in today’s ever-changing style. What’s in today may not be tomorrow, but as long as you do it for yourself, it’ll be worth it.

One tip though: If you think it’s too bold, ask some others before you jump in. After all, when you do decide to sell, you won’t want the masses coming in and saying, “What were they thinking?”

Sean de Moraes is an agent with Roaring Fork Sotheby’s.

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