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A more charitable take on Berrigan

Dear Editor,

Finding Fred Stewart’s evaluation of Father Berrigan’s recent visit lacking in understanding or compassion, I’d like to offer an alternative view.

Father Berrigan’s words served as testimony to the fact that resistance and civil disobedience can be viewed as grace arising to counter violence. Daniel Berrigan has shown us that no man or institution can, or should, rob us of our dignity. It has been said that total isolation has the potential to force a person to “see” his own self-deceptions, thereby endowing him with the ability to see others’ deceptions as well.

Prison served only to anchor Father Berrigan deeper in his own truth. In other words, those of us who are also concerned with civil liberties must be true to our ideals regardless of attempts by authority, or fellow citizens (whose civil liberties we are fighting for), to break our spirit and destroy our resolve.

It is a rare honor to have dialogue with someone who has lived life at a level of idealism and activism that many are called to, but few have the courage of convictions to respond to. My experience with Father Berrigan was not only awe-inspiring, but life-changing.

Kathryn Preston


Marketplace is the wrong scale for Carbondale

Dear Editor,

I would like to address my concerns about the Crystal River Market Place and its impact on our town of Carbondale. I am a mother of nine children and am fortunate enough to have five of them living in Carbondale.

What Carbondale does for its children is something that no mall could offer. It puts banners up across the end of Main Street when David Hayes hits 50 years of age. It has an article in the newspaper when Mikey Grandbois graduates from high school. It has an attendant at the John Fleet pool that heats up a pool to make sure it is warm enough for a Sarah Johnson to go in. These three people are brain-injured. This is a celebration of the human spirit that the whole town can join in on. This has nothing to do with tax dollars coming back from revenue in the mall to make the town better “for our children.”

What is really good for our children? I personally feel it is human values that are good for our children and grandchildren. CRMP is beyond human scale for this town. The pollution alone that would increase due to a doubling of traffic on Highway 133 is not “good for our children.”

I personally feel we cannot support a “big box” of the magnitude that is planned. Five years down the road it would probably sit vacant. The human scale of businesses on Main Street are a delight to walk into. This should be encouraged, applauded, and supported.


Patricia L. Johnson


Dear Editor,

This you won’t believe.

This afternoon my wife and I glanced out our kitchen window, looking upstream on the Roaring Fork River.

We couldn’t believe our eyes. Two boys were trying to ride some very strange crafts downstream, splashing and falling.

Then we got our binoculars out, and what did we see?

There were two teenage boys struggling to ride a pair of small bicycles down the Roaring Fork River. In looked incredibly futile!

Anyway, they finally got enough of it and dragged themselves and their bicycles ashore.

I would rate it a spectacular failure, despite their tenacity.

And, I am guessing that this is one adventure that the Roaring Fork River as seen for the last time.


Richard T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Did anyone catch the news article in Newsweek, dated June 3, titled “Honey I Shrunk the Store?”

News on the street is that big-box retailers are downsizing. Realizing that customers are exhausted and put off by the retail jungles that big boxes present, they are beginning to fill smaller niches and are coming up with stores averaging between 40,000 to 60,000 square feet.

This has been especially popular in small towns where it fits better into the existing infrastructure. Hmmm. That sounds like a very good concept to me.

You mean we don’t have to settle for a 125,000-square-foot box that is drastically out of scale for Carbondale? Vote “no “on July 15 and make Crystal River Marketplace come back with a better design.

Wendy Anderson


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