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A need for music

Suzanne Paris

CARBONDALE, Colorado ” There’s something haunting about Suzanne Paris’ sound. It’s hard to classify ” smoky and folky, definitely very intimate, with a shade of pop mixed in there. It seems made for Steve’s happy little listening room.

But Paris probably already knows that. A former valley resident, she moved out to Ojai, Calif. in the 90s after spending years in Aspen, where she honed her singer-songwriter skills. Tonight, she returns to these parts, just as she does a few times each year, and this time she’s bringing a bouquet of new songs with her. Her latest EP is called “Off Like a Prom Dress,” and she working on a new album, to be filled with British pop this time around.

“When I was really, really little. When I was first born, and my mother and father lived in, you know, a little studio apartment, my little bassinet, or whatever you call it, was next to the stereo, ’cause, you know, there wasn’t much room in there. So, I just always had music getting piped into me. And my dad was a drummer, and he played really great stuff, and I just always could tell that, ‘Oh, I know how to do that,’ ‘Oh, I can hear that.’ I remember thinking that. I don’t know, it seemed really, like the path of least resistance, really.”

“Never. Never, ever, never. In fact, although I had a really natural ability for music, and I knew that I did, I was so interested in anything artistic, photography very much so. Design ” actually design was my major in college. Photography was my minor. So, I was really into design, but music always kept coming so easily. I mean, in college, I ended up singing backup for Michael Bolton because I met him on a trip going back home or something. I ended up opening a couple shows for him, and then he called me and ended up asking me to tour with him one summer, so I did that. From then on, it was kind of like, ‘OK. This is what I should be doing.’ Because every time I try to do something else, this keeps happening. So that’s what happened.”

“Kind of a mixture of rock, pop, soul.”

“No, I love to play. I love to play live. That’s actually my favorite part.”

“Yeah, I do. What I want to impart to them is like, kind of like, do my job, which is get out of the way, and let the music come through, so that it makes everybody feel better ” including me. The experience of having music channeled through you and put out into the world is a gift, really.”

“Oh, it’s so much more about something that’s bigger. It really is. You could think it’s because of you, but it’s not. It’s really not. I don’t know why I can hear music like that, and somebody else can’t, you know. Just like everybody’s born with a gift of some sort, I really feel like that’s a gift, because even for us to have eyes to see, it’s a gift. Some of us don’t have sight, you know. It’s a gift of a perception.”

“Yeah. I just want to travel all over the world and play. And have my records be played on the radio, have people enjoy them, just to continue to be able to write songs and play music and be able to sustain everything. That’s all I really want to do.”


“People. Places. Just learning things from life, learning a lesson in life. Seeing something and saying, ‘OK, I see why this happened.’ Lovers always teach you something. Boyfriends, or relationships, we should say, of course. But life, life teaches you.”

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