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A new American slogan

Dear Editor,”Stop Global Whining.” Yeah! A great new American slogan – and just in time – a feel-good, “sink your teeth into” saying that says it all! I’m from “The Live Free or Die” state. I’m relating to this. But why just leave it at that. I’ve heard some stuff lately that really puts it into perspective. Consider:-More than half the world’s people have little or no health care and less than two dollars a day for food, clothing and shelter. (I hear them whining all the way to my steak dinner!)-In 1995 more than two billion people did not have access to clean water, and estimates are that by 2025 more than 40 percent will be living in countries whose water supplies are too limited for food self-sufficiency. (See what I’m talking about? Stop whining and putt!).-Optimistic projections by oil geologists claim that 90 percent of the world’s oil reserves have been tapped, that oil production will begin to decline around 2010 and that a permanent oil shock is inevitable early in this century and that little is being done to seriously transition to more sustainable energy sources. (Where does this crap come from? Hey, fill ‘er up.)-If history is any guide, as the world becomes increasingly divided into the rich and the desperately impoverished, it will produce revolutionary movements in search of fairness and justice. (Let’s bomb Iraq and get it over with.)-In a 1998 survey of 400 scientists by the American Museum of Natural History, nearly 70 percent of the biologists said that they believe a mass extinction unprecedented in 65 million years is under way and up to 1/5 of all living species could disappear within 30 years due to various forms of human enterprise such as cutting down all the forests, overfishing the oceans, paving over the land and pouring toxins into the water, soil and air. (Gee, doesn’t that sound a little paranoid? Can’t see any of that from my house.)-Closer to home, sprawl is claiming farmland at a rate of 1.2 million acres a year, and that coupled with losses in forests and other undeveloped land nets an annual loss of open space of over 2 million acres a year. (Well hey, everyone needs a space, and you should see the view from my new lot up on Red Mountain.)-Early last year a section of ice broke away from an iceberg in the Arctic circle about the size of the state of Rhode Island (It’s the smallest state!) continuing to verify long-predicted patterns of events put into motion by dramatically and suddenly increasing temperatures around the globe due to high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere – predictions that include unstable and drastic weather patterns never before experienced. (Hey, can I water my lawn now?)From a distance, the rate of documented, verifiable destruction of the planet left in the wake of the industrialized world would leave any rational observer to conclude that the human race is suicidal and that as we stand on this brief but ominous threshold, “staying the course” is akin to disaster. See what I’m saying? This stuff gets to be a little much. The problem with all these pathetic doomsayers is that they just don’t appreciate what we have here, right in our own little town. Is this the good life or what? Go Broncos! I’m sensing it’s going to be a great year (and stop whining so much).Submitted Respectfully,Don PaineGlenwood Springs

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