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A poor assessment of his property valuation

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Dear Editor,

Not many of you cared enough to complain, therefore, I was denied my legal right to orally present my objection to the county assessor’s appraisal of my property. That’s how it was explained to me by our county attorney. “His hands were tied,” as he put it. “The commissioners gave one day for hearings as only five people requested it.” One day, with only three days’ notice of that date. One day, when in writing it’s stated that objections would be heard until Aug. 5, which was ten days later.

But not enough people complained; therefore, for the five of us who cared, the rules were changed. Without going into details, the assessor is out of control morally, legally, and in actuality in her assessments. She, somehow, can send her employees to your property to snoop around, peer in your windows, measure your fixtures, etc., without your consent. Then make some absurd estimate on your property that will cost several hundreds of dollars a year from now till forever, and I have no recourse to refute her findings.

I was told to put it in writing and send it to the board and they would present it for me. What are my chances when the board who’s out to take my money is also the board who will present my case? Needless to say, my objection was denied. Go figure.

As I understand it, I now have the right to fight in court, go before an even greedier board in Denver, or to arbitration. I thought I had the right to argue my case here, but the rules were changed for the benefit of my accusers.

If our commissioners couldn’t make a meeting, it’d be postponed. If our county attorney couldn’t make a court date, it’d be postponed. I’m sure the board, and our assessor, all had to check their palm pilots to set the date to hear the five of us who objected to our assessments. No one asked me, though. Show up or too bad I was told. I didn’t have a say in the matter.

I’ll be taking this to arbitration, if for no other reason than to have my say.

My plea to you is: If they raise your assessment even one dollar next year, object. Object loudly. As individuals, we don’t matter to our powers that be. As many, maybe they’ll listen. Also, believe in term limits. Those in office forget about us who put them there. Vote them out, across the board, and maybe the next bunch will remember.


Joe Gavito

New Castle

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