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A precedent for the Roaring Fork Valley

Dear Editor,

A developer and his lawyer applied to the Garfield County Commissioners for road access through a quiet residential neighborhood to increase the value of the developer’s project. The County Commissioners denied their application unanimously.

The developer built the road anyway. Garfield County didn’t stop it. What does this do to the Roaring Fork Valley? It sends a clear message that anyone can do whatever they want, whether it’s against the law or not, whether it harms anyone else or not. So go ahead and do whatever you want to do regardless of the law. That is what Prehm Ranch did when they built a road through Westbank that was denied by the courts.

If Garfield County doesn’t stop this on April 8 at the County Commissioners hearing, every citizen in the Roaring Fork Valley will be affected. Each and every property owner from Aspen to Parachute will become vulnerable to unscrupulous developers and their lawyers. Protection of our property values through the legal system will become nonexistent, and American justice will deteriorate to an all-time low. This at a time when we need American justice the most.

As American citizens I believe it is our duty to the entire Roaring Fork Valley to urge Garfield County to deny the Prehm Ranch settlement and to uphold Garfield County rules and regulations by shutting down the illegally built road on their own.

Dan Duroux

Westbank resident

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