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A presidency is more than one individual

This November election is so crucial to the future of America that we should not lose our perspective by quibbling about the personalities of the presidential candidates. A presidency is much more than one individual; even more importantly, it is all the individuals that president appoints to key positions. In short, we need to focus on what kind of administration we want to manage our nation. The choices are as follows: 1) An administration that bases its decisions on the wishes of the oil, mining, timber, drug, and other big-money corporate interests; OR an administration that will base its decisions on the needs and wishes of the average citizen and will try to protect our country’s air, water, and land from further pollution and destruction; 2) An administration that believes it can treat the rest of the world with arrogance and disregard and has gained us the reputation in the “global village” as a headstrong bully; OR one that will work in cooperation with other nations and re-establish good relations with our traditional allies; 3) An administration that works in secret, misleads the public, gives no-bid government contracts to cronies and purges its intelligence agencies of those who supply information contrary to its wishes; OR one that will be open in its dealings and not base its intelligence analysis on pre-conceived conclusions; 4) An administration that has dramatically increased the terrorist threat against ourselves and the rest of the world by its hasty and ill-considered actions in Iraq and inadequate homeland defenses; OR one that will work intelligently and diligently to decrease the terrorist threat by a more intelligent and effective handling of terrorism abroad, by strongly supporting alternative energy development in order to lessen our dependence on Mid-Eastern oil, and by strengthening homeland security; 5) An administration that excuses the wealthy from shouldering their fair share of the burdens we face; OR an administration whose tax policy works against the growing income gap between the rich and the poor and the steady decline of our middle class.I suggest that the latter alternative, a Democratic administration, will be better, if not perfect, on all counts.Clay Boland of Carbondale is a former full-time teacher of communications and humanities at Colorado Mountain College from 1973-1995.Clay Boland of Carbondale is a former full-time teacher of communications and humanities at Colorado Mountain College from 1973-1995.

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