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A preventable tragedy

Dear Editor:

On Saturday, May 4, as my three puppies, Spritzer, Ziggie and Snoodle, and I were celebrating a gorgeous spring morning in Marble, the aspen newly leafed, the first tiny spring flowers, and zipping of the first hummingbird, a true Rocky Mountain high, our world was disturbingly turned upside down.

My oldest puppy, a 6-year-old miniature Schnauzer Spritzer, was viciously attacked and killed by a neighboring Akita, nearly three times his size, on my property.

I rushed to Red Hills veterinarian clinic in Carbondale. Dr. Judi Leake worked diligently to try to save his life. His injuries in this brutal attack were so severe he could not recover. At 4 p.m. Dr. Judi had to end his suffering and I brought him home to bury him in the meadow on my property where we had spent so many wonderful times together and he played wonderful games of “dog” with Ziggie and Snoodle.

This morning, Sunday, another beautiful day in the Rockies, Snoodle, Ziggie and I are struggling over our loss. However, I know that we all are victims sometimes, and we have the choice of how long we will remain victims.

I write this because of recent publicized events of vicious dog attacks, knowing that my case is not isolated or unique. Animals, people, children are threatened or mauled daily. My pain and Spritzie’s death are a reality. And I want to take power and empower others to address this problem.

This is the fourth known attack in the Marble area by this dog. It will stop now. I choose not to live in fear, but in peace and harmony.

I encourage anyone who has been threatened, is afraid, or has experienced an attack to file an incident report or make a formal complaint on any vicious animal. It is not the fault of these animals. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep the animal confined so that it will not injure other living beings. A history on an animal will serve in court to establish cause for action.

What if this had been a toddler or young child, with noisy, feisty, sudden movements? Would this dog attack a child?

Please join me in celebrating the bright, sparkling, delightful spirit of my Spritzie, my “Sugar Boy.” He touched many of your lives.

Kimberly Perrin


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