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A taste for something different in Carbondale

Stina Sieg
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

CARBONDALE, Colorado ” If you ever get hungry to see art, you know that your tastes have a way of shifting. Sometimes you might want to be exposed to something light, colorful and airy. Sometimes you yearn to be forced to think a bit harder. Perhaps staring into an abstract, simple little sculpture might feel just right. Well, whatever your artistic hankering this month, the Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities could have you covered. In “Three,” valley artists Marina Romanov, Ginny Beesley and Kathy Honea divide up the gallery into a triad of different genres. While the women seem similar when it comes to their caring and effort and such, their pieces are anything but.

Lives in: Carbondale (originally from Lafayette, Ind.)

Medium: High fire ceramics (In her words: “functional, but not the most practical”)

A few favorite artists: Joseph Cornell, Isamu Nouguchi, Maya Lin

Describe your work. “Most pieces are pretty round, because they’ve been thrown on the wheel. But then they’re not symmeterical, because I altered them. Then, a lot of them have pedestals, their own clay pedestals. The forms are all very soft and simple. Then the pedestals are rigid. What I’m trying to go for is sort of the dichotomy of the soft and the harsh lines.”

What does it mean to you? “They invoke our natural surroundings. I’m really interested in the mountains and the rivers and the rocks, and the erosion in them. …Those are the things I want to convey in my work. But I want them small, so a lot of people can pick them up and pet them. I want them to be little, intimate objects.”

What do you want to give people with them? “I guess the same feelings I get when I make them and when I’m out there, studying those rocks, wondering how they got that way.”

What inspires you? “Again, nature, basically. But I just, I love it. There’s just something in you that drives you to make it. I think any artist will tell you that. It’s like something you have to do almost ” but it’s something that makes you so happy.”

Why does the world need art? “Well, I think people need to express themselves, and that can be through visual or performing arts ” or cooking, even. I just think it’s important to be exposed to that, to do it, to be inspired by it, especially kids. I’m normally a very shy person. But making artwork is the way I can express myself.”

Lives in: Basalt (originally from Kitzbühel, Austria)

Medium: Mixed media, collage, three-dimensional pieces

A few favorite artists: Morandi, Don Fritz, Edward Hopper

Describe your work. “Eclectic. I always worked on 3-D surfaces, so now I’m trying to get the same effect on a flat surface.”

What does it mean to you? “I’m only in this to have a good time. So entertainment, self-entertainment. I have no art-speak for you. They have to have substance, structure. They have to have content. They’re not deep. I don’t have a big message. I’m just having a good time.”

What do you want to give people with it? “Lightness and fun. For me, just a reaction of some sort. And the lighter and happier, the better. If someone looks and bursts out laughing, I’m a very happy camper. If it transports you for a moment out of yourself, our of your daily self, that’s what I would hope for.”

What inspires you? “You know, I just have an imagination that never slows down. I cannot keep up with my imagination. I usually work in series, somewhere between 12 and 20, to kind of complete the idea or something. Right now, I have more ideas than I have time. I would say my favorite thing is learning. So I try to learn new techniques for putting things together. It gives my imagination a broader scope if I know more ways to present something.”

Why does the world need art? “Well, art is a language, and it’s a means of transporting you out of yourself. And I think that’s important because when you get too involved with yourself, you lose perspective.”

Lives in: Emma (originally from Woodside, Calif.)

Medium: Collage and water-based paint

A few favorite artists: Matisse, Cezanne, Fra Angelico, Richard Diebenkorn

Describe your work. “I used to be abstract. Now I’m getting more representational. … I work really with building up a surface and creating layers and transparency. Some of my pictures have six to seven layers, and you would never know it, but it’s there, and the story emerges often out of the background. …The birds (one of her main subjects) not only tell a story, but they allow me to experiment and out of which then comes something that you can look at.”

What does it mean to you? “I think birds have a certain freedom. When I think about it, I think of freedom, the freedom of being able to fly, and being able to see world from higher places.”

What do you want to give people with it? “For me, the aesthetic of art is about beauty and creativity, a relief from everyday life. So, I have no interest in really political statements or social statements. And I want a sanctuary, a place to go to, visually. A visual sanctuary. It’s just as much a process of my development as it is making the art. You’re just evolving all the time. And, for me, art is the way ” one of the ways.”

What inspires you? “Nature, probably. At the base of everything is nature. The color of nature, movement of nature, birds singing in the trees and light. But nature is the base of it all.”

Why does the world need art? “It’s a great escape and relief. It’s also enrichment for the soul. Absolutely. We couldn’t live without it. It’s a balance to the craziness of the world.”

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