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Abortion stance not the point of the letter

Dear Editor,

It seems that some people who read my letter to the editor thought that I was saying that it did not matter as to whether a candidate who is running for office had an opinion on abortion. That is not what I was saying.

In fact, I was not addressing the abortion issue at all. I was addressing the use by political parties of certain issues (i.e. abortion) to smear one another, even when that particular political office cannot affect the outcome of that issue.

I gave the example of abortion because that is a Supreme Court decision, yet political parties throw it around like every politician on the face of the Earth can affect the outcome of that decision. The constituents of elected officials can, and should, express their opinion and show their approval or disapproval of that representative’s voting record at the polls. If certain issues are important to you, even those which you know your candidate cannot directly affect, get your answers straight from the candidate’s mouth, not from the other party via smear campaigns.

I was also not saying that abortion is not an important issue. It is a very important issue.

It is my personal belief that women have always had a choice. A woman chooses whether to have sex, and chooses whether to protect herself from an unwanted pregnancy. Should her precautions fail, or if a woman has been raped or preyed upon and the result is a pregnancy, then that woman chooses whether to keep that child or to give him or her (notice I did not say “it”) to one of the people in a very, very, very long line of people who cannot have children and who would be blessed beyond belief to have that child to raise as their own. I do not believe she should be able to choose to take out her (or her partner’s) carelessness, or, in the case of rape or incest, someone else’s heartless cruelty, on that innocent child by terminating the child’s life. I guess you can say that I am “pro-choice,” it’s just that I don’t believe that abortion should be one of the choices.


Cynthia Thomas

Glenwood Springs

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