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About the temporary walkway

Tom Newland

The Grand Avenue bridge construction team is installing steel bracket beams to the east side of the traffic bridge. These bracket beams will support a temporary walkway. The walkway will be 5 feet wide, and the deck material is made of metal planking.

The walkway will be attached to the current pedestrian ramp on the south side of the bridge along Wing Street and land near Sixth Street on the north end. The walkway will have a pedestrian handrail and chain link fencing. A splash screen will be installed where needed.

Once the temporary walkway is complete, all pedestrian traffic will be routed to the temporary walkway to cross the river. The walkway will be in place until the new pedestrian bridge is completed in March 2017.

Pedestrian access between downtown and the Hot Springs Pool is shown in the diagram accompanying this article. The solid green line depicts the temporary pedestrian walkway, and the dashed line shows the walking route to and from the pool.

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