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`Abuse’ letter an injustice to community

Barbara Arrowood

Dear Editor,

I just read Mr. David Krest’s letter regarding Madelyn Toogood. I am so appalled by the statement Mr. Krest made that after reflecting on her situation, “More likely than not we have all abused one another mentally and most likely physically, especially our own children.”

I beg to differ with you sir, but more than likely most of us have not “abused one another mentally and most likely physically, especially our own children.” I have no idea the community you grew up in, household, schools, etc., but I can tell you this, after reading your letter.

I also “reflected on your letter” just as you did on the Toogood situation, and I cannot help but feel that you, Mr. Krest, owe your children and the parents of this community trying to raise our children to be decent citizens, with people such as yourself as our neighbors, a huge apology.

You sound like her defense attorney or my mother. I would hope most citizens agree that no child belongs with that kind of mother, and instead of making excuses Mrs. Toogood and her lawyer need to own up to her actions and take responsibility. Lucky for you Mr. Krest, your children grew up without a surveillance camera. Perhaps not so lucky for your children?


Barbara Arrowood

Battlement Mesa

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