Alcohol not a benefit to world health |

Alcohol not a benefit to world health

Dear Editor,

“Africa is still the poorest continent in the world, the biggest sufferer of H.I.V. and AIDS, the continent with the most external debts and the least foreign investment. But we are lot more hopeful than we were 5 or 10 years ago.”

-Ibrahim Gambari, United Nations special representative for Africa.

I saw on TV that Miller Brewing has made a deal with Africa to distribute products (alcohol). Not only do I find this a moral deficit but a disservice to humanity. Africa has the largest AIDS problem in the world, and to believe the results of this action won’t add to the picture is naive. Not only do I hope, I expect, that Miller will be there with matching funds as that hard working group of taxpayers (more often called Congress, The Government, some sort of Federal Agency and even sometimes America) give money down the road to alleviate the AIDS tragedy.

I believe in responsible drinking. I appreciate Miller and others capitalizing on this. That is the American way. However, we all know that a great deal of their profits comes from other than responsible drinking, yet the cost of the associated carnage across America lands in the lap of the taxpayer, many of whom don’t drink alcohol. The immediate frontline responsibility is that of the irresponsible drinker, of course; however, just as the `pushers’ or `dealers’ of any other drug of choice are not denied culpability, neither should Miller. Should Miller line their pockets with gold while we taxpayers pick up the tab for the damage caused? As proven by statistics already, the AIDS problem of Africa doesn’t remain in Africa. Many of them immigrate to America, many Americans visit Africa. There is a good deal of commerce trade between the two countries, and it doesn’t all happen via the sterile computer.

Since Miller is contributing to enhancing the spread of AIDS (Does anyone really believe irresponsible drinkers will wait till sober to have responsible sex?) I certainly think their moral values would say they should also contribute to cleaning up the mess they help create and not dump the responsibility on the taxpayer in the interest of their own bottom line. Or the other option could be the cancellation of such contracts in areas of known health problems. Of course, Miller isn’t the only profit-oriented corporation involved in the overall picture, but making headline news today put them in the barrel. Next?

Garland Anderson


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