All she wanted was a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t in election ads |

All she wanted was a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t in election ads

Tuesday, Nov. 2, Election Day. Every man, woman, and child join me in saying thank you to the sun, moon, and whatever controls them to rise and fall, for keeping the day and night cycle constant, not delaying this day any longer.Being a senior in high school gives me the opportunity to hear about the politics and issues affecting this election from my parents, friends, relatives, the nice, welcomed recordings on the telephone, the friendly commercials on television, the respecting ads on the radio, and from the entire student body as well.Any high school student can relate to the agony inflicted upon our age group derived from the hype of Election Day. The issue, however, is how we are affected by it.All students, all society, are involved in politics and elections, whether they accept it or not. For students, those old enough to vote obviously have decisions to make. Those not are involved in activities such as debates, kids voting, government class, or they can simply turn on the television and be involved.The activities put in place to attract student interest and involvement in politics are, have been and will be great learning tools for students who are not of voting age to learn about the political process. However, it is more common for students to be involved if they are bribed to participate. Johnny will more likely vote if he receives a talking bobblehead of the candidates than if he just gets the satisfaction of participating in a useful tool to better the younger generation’s preparation for the real world. Why does bribery have to be a factor? Why aren’t students excited to participate? This lack of excitement could be from the lack of respectful candidates, respectful presentation of both sides of an issue or person. Society expects students to be excited about being active within political issues, but what is there to be excited about? Yeah, Kerry supporters just declared Bush to be for cancer! Major contradictions occur in this struggle for student involvement. The youth of this country are told to respect each other, to stand up for what is right, and to be active in politics. The contradiction is that in politics there is no respect, and no one is doing anything to increase the tiny sliver of respect that may or may not be present. This is like training a dog not to bite and not to jump on others, then commanding it to attack.Political candidates always have something to say to the younger generation. There is always a comment regarding what they are going to do for us. Oh wait, no, there is always a comment on what their opponent will do to inflict excruciating pain upon us. With all this in mind, I have one question: What comes next?Remember the days when the election ads were only about the good qualities the candidate had, and not about the bad ones the opposing candidates have? NO! I am not from the Stone Age; there is not a memory in my mind of when the election propaganda was even close to being respectful towards others. All Aretha Franklin wanted was a little respect; why do you think she wrote that song, because of the lack of respect she was experiencing herself? Probably not; she was probably sick of the malarkey political ads violently expressed to one another. Being involved in the next generation to run the country I must know: What now? It seems as if the political bashing gets worse every year. What’s next – a fight to the death instead of a political vote? That approach may seem extreme, but it may achieve the demand for younger generations – and society itself – to be more excited and involved.A senior at Grand Valley High School in Parachute, Nicole Loschke’s column will appear the first Tuesday of every month.

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