Allard found solution to D.U. stockpile |

Allard found solution to D.U. stockpile

John Hoffmann

Dear Editor,

U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard, speaking in Glenwood Springs, says he considers himself a scientist and believes a report that says depleted uranium is “safe,” while refusing to review information to the contrary. I think Sen. Allard is confused. Justice is blind, not science.

However he may have stumbled onto the solution of America’s trillion-dollar problem of storing the highly radioactive and lethally toxic, heavy metal of spent reactor rods or depleted uranium. All we need to do is machine the rods into 50 mm bullet heads and fire them at a concrete wall, vaporizing the D.U. on contact.

In this way we can make our most dangerous radioactive waste safe.


John Hoffmann


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