Allard not concerned with ordinary people |

Allard not concerned with ordinary people

Joe Kaplan

Dear Editor,

Now we know what drives Doug Meyers (Allard Will Serve …, 10/6/02).

He reveals his main source of righteousness as the fringe, anti-tax group National Taxpayers Union, a far-right, irrational bunch who advocate the “flat tax,” “National Sales Tax” and “Shutting down the IRS” (See http:// This kind of quick-fix, cry-baby Utopian model, bordering upon fiscal anarchy – or at least upon fiscal irresponsibility – is invalidated and contradicted by the expensive, war-now policy of his main, myopic, hell-bent heroes. That anomalous position is indefensible.

It takes large taxes to fuel a war. If Doug would only apply his own basic logic to the unassailable facts, rather than heed the right-handed spin of plutocratic publications from Forbes or the skewed news from Murdock, he would discover that it is just this kind of fiscal mismanagement that has brought us to the sorry economic state in which we now find ourselves.

Had Doug, instead, sought truth by consulting mainstream publications or C-Span, he would realize that Allard has not been “the person that … will fight for your rights,” unless you believe your rights coincide with the wealthiest few, or with the special business interests who would rather ignore threats to our environment than possible perils to their pocketbook, or with the no-tax crazies who believe that not paying taxes is a god-given right.

Keep writing, Doug; you continually uncover the dangers of idolizing self-important, yet unschooled, prophets who preach with attractive but thoughtless slogans and comic-book solutions, and when cornered, apply inappropriate epithets (remember, you tagged me as a lefty, not knowing I subscribe to National Review and vote for all the right causes).

Get wise. It’s neither left nor right! Allard is simply unconcerned with the rights of ordinary people.

Joe Kaplan

Glenwood Springs

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