Allard will serve Colorado best |

Allard will serve Colorado best

Doug Meyers

Dear Editor,

The Chair of the Garfield Democratic Party writes that because Mr. Bob Richardson has endorsed Wayne Allard for the United States Senate we should all vote for Ted Strickland. Well how about this: What if we vote for the person that will serve the citizens of Colorado the best. If we don’t, and we were to play by “Leslie’s Rules,” we would have to bring up the fact that Leslie, who of course has endorsed Tom Strickland, thinks it is OK for the President of the United States to lie to the American people. Just so long as the president is a democrat. So whom do we vote for now?

The simple fact is, we should vote for the person that will serve the people of Colorado the best. The person that will work hard for the working man and woman of Colorado by giving them more of the money they have earned. Wayne Allard has already proven he will do this. Mr. Allard was voted the “Best friend of the American Taxpayer” by the NONPARTISAN “National Taxpayers Union.” He was voted number one in the nation! All the democrats that represent Colorado in Washington were given an F. Do we want one more person in Washington taking our hard-earned dollars to spend on more and more wasteful government programs? I don’t think so.

No, this November, think about your values, and vote for the person that most represents your values. This November vote for the person that you feel will fight for your rights and not the rights of his or her party. This November, vote for yourself, vote for Wayne Allard

Thank you,

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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