America doesn’t need France or French products

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

Should Americans boycott the French and their products? Absolutely.

The French and their government should be held accountable for their actions concerning Iraq. Reports by the Washington Times reveal that the French may have issued passports and or visas to escaping officials of the Saddam regime, allowing them to travel from Syria into western Europe.

That is outrageous. Add to that the fact that they had supplied weapons, war supplies and had negotiated recent contracts to do work for the Iraqi oil industry, makes it indisputable that they have colluded with the Saddam government.

The American families who lost loved ones in the war should be particularly incensed by these facts. I wish we could bring home all the bodies of our men and boys who died on French soil in World War I and World War II. They deserve to rest on their own soil and not that of the cowardly French.

We do not need the French or their products.

As H.L. Mencken wrote in an April 1927 editorial in the American Mercury, “One might plausibly argue, indeed, that the complete disappearance of France would produce no more perturbation in the world than the loss of an ear produces in a man. Brussels and Lucerne would quickly put in better cooks, and Copenhagen, I venture, could take care of the peep-show business without any need of an international loan.”

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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