America is the world’s worst terrorist |

America is the world’s worst terrorist

Matthew Masciocchi

Dear Editor,

America is planning a war against Iraq. President Bush has been drawing plans on how he will invade Iraq if they don’t comply with the UN weapons inspectors. The American public seems to agree with war, but if they were more educated, would their decision be different?

America claims that it is saving the Iraqi people from the horrible dictator Saddam Hussein. The same horrible dictator we put into power after we helped overthrow the former ruler of Iraq.

If and when we overthrow Hussein, we will find some new Iraqi leader and he will export oil to America for a low price. Then we will turn our heads and forget about Iraq until he does something so atrocious that we must look to the “safety” of Iraq, the “safety” we never insured or cared about before we chose their new ruler.

Maybe we won’t even look back at the suffering; we overlooked the Chileans when we helped overthrow their democratically elected President Salvador Allende and put Augusto Pinochet into power.

America didn’t aid the 15,000 or so Chilean people who were put into internment camps where they were tortured and killed; no, we didn’t look then, and we won’t look now!

America is not driven by an honorable purpose; instead, we are driven by money. Both rulers of our nation, President Bush and Vice President Cheney, are oil millionaires. Is there a connection here?

In Nicaragua in 1954, we funded terrorists to overthrow President Jacob Arbenz Guzman, a president who was rightfully giving the land back to the Nicaraguan people. The United Fruit company began to lose money because most of its bananas were produced in Guatemala, so America sponsored terrorists to overthrow the government. We put in a dictator who gave land back to the United Fruit Company, and returned Guatemala to a killing zone where 120,000 Guatemalans died. America chose profit over human life.

America’s foreign policy is one of the most hypocritical forms of aid in the history of mankind. America, “the land of the free,” imposes on other countries and disallows them to become liberated.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, we have been trying to rid the world of terrorists, when we are the main terrorist in the world.

The Patriot Act, which was passed by President Bush, states in section 802 that our government has the right to affect the conduct of governments by mass destruction or assassination or kidnapping. If those three things are not terrorism, I don’t know what is.

We say we are trying to help, but all we do is hurt these other countries to ensure America can stay on top of the world food chain.

America should not go to war with Iraq, for once again, it will demonstrate to the world how horribly cruel our country truly is. It will also direct more violence towards the innocent American people. The American people must learn these things so that we can vote against war and stop being the horrible war criminal that we always try to stop.

Matthew Masciocchi


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