An end to the ultra-conservative movement |

An end to the ultra-conservative movement

Dear Editor,I am writing in response to Andy Stanczak’s letter to the editor. I am a Democrat who tries to understand many points of view. Andy’s comments are as extreme right-winged as other letters are extreme left-winged. Do two wrongs make a right?I am happy Saddam Hussein is removed from power. I am disappointed in the blind, no plan for peace, poor-planning approach President Bush has taken in Iraq. I am extremely disappointed Bin Laden isn’t our main focus. There are more world terrorist attacks today than in the last four years. Bush has stirred a hornet’s nest.Regarding Andy’s comment of “Christian” right, I’m a Catholic who understands my religious beliefs and others’ individual freedom. Exit polls identified that those who voted for Bush were swayed by “morals.” Is it morally acceptable to send our great troops to Iraq on false information? To devastate the environment? To offer back-door deals to corporations? To be our president and not accept full responsibility of false information dealing with national security? To deny human rights based on sexuality? To deny a woman’s right based on “Christian” right?Will the ultra-conservative movement end? The Bible does not support divorce. Will this government ban divorce based on “morals?” We are a country of individual rights and choice.Andy also offers degrading comments about liberals trying to protect the natural environment. My guess is Andy lives in the valley and enjoys our protected, mountainous natural environment. Need I say any more?Steven SpearsGlenwood SpringsThe best is no moreDear Editor, Those of us who were born during the early years of the 1930s depression, were educated during the war years of the 1940s and served in the time of the Korean War are truly blessed people. We have known the best, and in this nation, the best is no more.Back then, either you thanked God for a roof over your head, food on the table, and a job for Dad to work part time (There were very few full-time jobs and cars to drive and gas was used only as a necessity.). Those who did not were hobos and bums.For example, most people grew up on a small family farm, ranch or fruit orchard, the best places to raise children. Mothers were stay-at-home moms. We had the last great people’s government and we had President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Twenty dollars bought two weeks’ worth of groceries, five dollars bought two pairs of Levi’s and gasoline was a terrible price at 17 cents a gallon.Today, this is still the best country in the world to live in, but people are not really free. We are enslaved to a runaway economy. Many or most are enslaved by anger, stress, hate and unforgiveness. Years ago, we had the same diseases as you have now, but most people died of age. Now we are struck down by cancer, heart troubles and other diseases more often. Back then, schools were almost trouble-free, compared to today.The secret is no secret. Good politics and better living begin with a well-read Bible, regular church attendance and caring for others as you would want them to care about you.God bless,Jack GilbertsonSiltSilly signage spelling errorsDear Editor,Kudos to the town of Carbondale! In another bold attempt to protect the citizens of Carbondale, several “improvements” have been made to Main Street Row. Other than the flow-impeding four-way stop in the middle of town – undoubtedly there to protect us wandering booze hounds – we would like to draw attention to our favorite new feature located on Third and Main. On display for tourists and locals alike is a brilliant (insert sarcasm) exhibit of grammatical competence. Thank you for taking us all back to sixth-grade English. All of you “pedistrians” be sure to look both ways before crossing the street. We know of few people who will stop for you.Praise and thanks, Claire Griffith Genevieve JohnstonCarbondale

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