An honest day’s work for CDOT employee |

An honest day’s work for CDOT employee

Dale ShrullGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Post Independent/Kara K. Pearson

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. Back on Aug. 2, it was 4 a.m., as dark as coal, as quiet as Interstate 70 can get.John Bohman was just out doing his job. The Colorado Department of Transportation worker was patrolling Glenwood Canyon when he spotted some trash and pulled over to do a quick cleanup.Somewhere in North Carolina, a Marine, his wife and infant child were replaying a cruel memory of a spoiled vacation to Glenwood Springs.As he broke out the flashlight, the light hit what looked like a hundred dollar bill.”I thought it was fake. I don’t see very many of those,” Bohman said.It was real.By the time he was finished, Bohman found $405. He also found a credit card and an ID. Alone, 4 a.m., on a dark, quiet stretch of I-70. No one would ever know. All Bohman had to do was stuff the money in his pocket, and he’d have a nice little wad of cash to spend however he pleased.But that’s not how 54-year-old John Bohman operates.

“It wasn’t mine. I didn’t ever consider doing anything else,” he said.He turned it in to his supervisor, and the next day a crew went out to the same spot near the No Name tunnels and found another $500.CDOT supervisor Greg Sullivan used the ID to track down Norman Lindsey III, a Marine in North Carolina. The family was visiting the area while the Marine was on leave.Come to find out, Norman Lindsey II is currently working and staying in Glenwood Springs. Sullivan stopped by to give him the $905 to send to his son.”When I returned the money to the dad, he was barely able to speak. He put his hand on his heart and said, ‘The honesty,'” Sullivan said.Seeing that reaction and feeling the appreciation from the dad made for an exciting day, Sullivan said.”To meet his dad was one of the thrills of my life,” he said.Sullivan knows what it’s like to be a military dad. His daughter Tama Sue Lunsford just departed for her second tour in Iraq. Tama’s husband, Nathan Lunsford, is also in the military.Sullivan, 53, said Lindsey II wanted to give a reward for their honesty. Sullivan simply replied, having your son serve our country is all the reward we need.Sullivan said that when he called the son and told him that a CDOT worker found his money, the Marine said, “Oh my God, I love Colorado.”

Talking about it still leaves Sullivan a little choked up.Bohman, who lives in Glenwood, is as humble and low key as they come. Just like not giving a thought to keeping the money for himself, he doesn’t really see why people want to make a big deal about it. “I guess it feels pretty good,” Bohman said calmly. “I know I’d feel bad if I lost some money, and if someone handed it back to me that would be cool.”Humble and low key is a bit of an understatement.”John’s a fantastic person, and it’s so typical of him,” Sullivan said.Then Sullivan’s voice cracked. “There are few times in life you can feel that good about your employees. Anything uplifting like this makes life beautiful.”For Bohman it was just another day at the office.”I was just doing my job.”He laughs a little about getting some friendly ribbing from his co-workers.”They just want me to go back out and look for trash.”

This isn’t the first time he’s found valuables while on the road, and as he says, “it probably won’t be the last.”A few years ago, he found a purse, and they returned it to the owner. One time he found $35 and turned it over to the leukemia foundation. His daughter once had leukemia but has been cured for seven years now, Bohman said.On Thursday, at a CDOT picnic, Bohman was recognized for his honesty and given $350.For John Bohman, that kind of recognition makes him feel a little uncomfortable. He was just doing his job and that’s all that needs to be said, as far as he’s concerned.Doing the right thing isn’t up for debate to Bohman. He just does it. Honesty should never surprise us.For the people who know John Bohman, they weren’t surprised.He’s just an honest guy doing his job.And if he had it his way, he’d rather people would stop making such a big deal about it.Sorry, John, it is a big deal.

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