Anderson drinks only with friends |

Anderson drinks only with friends

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

Sue Gray says in her latest attempt to be loved and understood, “if Bob and Russ had access to the truth about what the current administration is up to, we would all find ourselves on the same side, fighting the threat against American ideals and freedom together.” Fat chance. As Jack Nicholson said in his role in which he played a Marine on trial, “The truth, you can’t handle the truth!” The truth will never be found in the far reaches of the left.

Sue Gray says, “I am neither a leftist nor a liberal.” OK, Ms. Gray, I suggest that if you remove all the leftist, anti-American, liberal links that you publish on your Web site,, then I will believe you. Of course, it will be a cold day in H**l before that happens.

By the way, thanks for the invitation to have a drink with you. Unfortunately, I only drink with friends. The dictionary says this about friends: “a person whom one knows, likes and trusts.” I neither know you, nor like you, nor trust you. Therefore, it will be another cold day in H**l before I would sit and drink with you.

God Bless America.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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