Angry over benefits for illegal immigrants |

Angry over benefits for illegal immigrants

Lyn Fix

Dear Editor,

It makes me angry and disappointed that illegal Mexicans can receive benefits from social services, Medicare and other forms of aid when many Americans cannot.

When my mother died, I couldn’t get the lousy $225 death benefit, but an illegal person probably could. It appears to me that my skin color is wrong to receive financial aid from this country I love dearly.

I’m angry at our government for supporting many other countries before our own and it keeps on letting immigrants into America. We need to say enough is enough.

American taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for Mexicans to have babies here. If I went to Mexico to live, I doubt if their government would support me or other people to be there, or pay for foreigners to have babies. Mexicans probably wouldn’t like it either.

I do like other ways of life, and I have Mexican and black friends. No, it isn’t them, it’s our government that I don’t understand, why they do what they do.

I’d like to know how someone outside the law can try to be inside the law? I know the American government will never change these laws. All I can do is voice my opinion.

Lyn Fix

Glenwood Springs

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