Animal control officer should be on-duty |

Animal control officer should be on-duty

Nikki Fender

Dear Editor,

Ms. McAlice, get your facts straight before you start acting like an expert about the Klein dog. Do you know how Jenny ended up on Silt Mesa? The New Castle Police Department took her there!

Jenny had been at the park in New Castle playing with a family. When that family was ready to leave, they called the police so they could find the proper owner. Yes, she should have had proper I.D. (microchipped as you suggest, like they could figure that out) current tags, etc. No one is disputing that, but there were numerous options that were not used by the New Castle Police Department, such as a stun gun, or a dart to sedate her.

There needs to be change. We pay high taxes, and we should have an animal control officer on-duty. As a past resident of a large ranch, don’t start in on harassing livestock and wildlife, stick to the story and get your facts straight! One last thing, being a responsible pet owner also means not leaving your barking dog locked in the yard all day to annoy those around him.

Nikki Fender


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