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Memories & Milestones

Logan Hahn’s Eagle Scout Community Service Project

(Troop 225)

Logan Hahn of local Boy Scout Troop 225 is an Eagle Scout candidate.  Through his leadership, a shelter covering an existing picnic table and concrete slab was built in O’Leary Park along the Rio Grande Trail.  The City of Glenwood Springs, Kiwanis and Rocky Mountain Gutters and Maintenance contributed funds and materials for the project.  Many individual volunteers built the shelter, including several scouts from the troop.  A very special thanks to adults Tom Dykema and Steve Boat for the many hours of advice and hard work put into the project.  Thanks also to Earl McKerrihan for the design, Thad Green of TrusFab for his contribution, as well as Dan Ackerman and Bob Gilbert for lending essential tools.

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