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Memories & Milestones

From left, bottom row: Sharma Phillips, Amy Spradlin, Stephanie Gianneschi, Nancy Zeigel, Margo Fishman, Sherrie Setterberg, Coach Nancy Reinisch, Brandi Salvatierra, Jill Wilson, Andrea Coe, Gaby Bello and Jacque McMillan; second row: Maureen Nuckols, CJ Gredig, Andriana Chance, Shawna Parks, Amy Mathiowetz, Lucy Laffoon, Carolyn Balmer, Ginni Galicinao, Coach Judy Haynes, Lupe Alvarado, Margaret Fitzpatrick and Jenna Weathered; and back row: Johnnie Echer, Heidi Halladay, Carol McCurry, Natasha Ellwood, Katie Soden, Sarah Windholtz, Deborah Brown, Kelicia Costello, Leslie Stoupas, Jamie Fowler, Cindy Davis, Carla Westerman, Mari Lliteras, Melissa Taucher, Jeannette Chiappinelli, Karin White and Andrea Thompson. Not shown: Karen Cox.
Dana Chiappinelli |

2016 Roaring Fork Women’s Triathlon Team at the Strawberry Shortcut

For the 17th year the Roaring Fork Women’s Triathlon Team participated in the Strawberry Shortcut 10k and 5K races to serve as a benchmark for its summer triathlon training. The training must be going well, because 10 members of the 41 runners present placed in the top three of their age group. Sharma Phillips won her age group (35-39) and placed in the top three women overall in the 10K with a time of 45:50. Also winning their age group in the 5K was Natasha Ellwood in 24:37 (30-34) and Carol McCurry in 28:28 (65-69). Placing second in her 10K age group was Sherrie Setterberg (55-59). Placing second in their 5K age group were Lupe Alvarado (45-49); Jeannette Chiappinelli (40-45); Johnnie Echer (35-39); Jamie Fowler (30-34); Heidi Halladay (55-59); and Cindy Davis (60-64). Placing third in their age group were Margot Fishman (65-70) and Karin White (75-79). The RFWTT will continue to swim/bike/run train until they travel to Denver in August to participate in the Tri For the Cure.

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