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Memories & Milestones

50th golden anniversary for Smiths

Wow — half a century and still going strong — local couple many know as Randy and Jeanie Smith of AAA R&J Auctions, Gold Ring Pawn’s founder, etc. Randy met his Jeanie at the Hot Springs Pool back in 1965, and they were married in Denver, where Jeanie grew up, on Saturday, Jan. 14, 1967. They moved back to Randy’s Garfield County a few years later, had 3 sons, Brandy in 1969, Brett in 1974 and Brody in 1976. They’ve always kept busy from industrial auctions to Costa Rica resorts, you name it, they’ve done it. But they’ve kept each other through loss of their home by fire and other setbacks, “through thick and thin” or as they put it, “for better or for worse.” If God gave you a mate, keep unto that one. Randy and Jeanie.

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