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Readers Say Thanks

Thank you for honoring Johnny

With heartfelt gratitude, I wish to thank all the wonderful people who honored the life of my Johnny by contributing to and attending his Celebration of Life on July 24. To daughters Julie and Rebecca, sons Charles, Richard, Jonathan and their spouses, grandchildren Ashley, Davis, Vivian and Alek for helping set up tables, chairs, pictures, artistic displays of his work, food, drinks and cleanup afterwards, thank you.

To Nancy Boothe, Ann Spencer, Linda Clark, Maren Schuster, Maurine Fitzpatrick, Debbie Kelly, Iris McFarlin, Judy Colby, Jan Carney, Ann Stewart, Peppy Dallenbach, Alice Fordyce, Fran Pratt, Marilyn LaMorte, Mary Robertson, Ann Halliday (if I forgot someone, I apologize) for organizing and contributing tables, chairs, appetizers, salads, desserts, thank you.

To all who came to share in his memory, A great big thank-you. John lives on through the beauty of his work. Thanks for being his friend!!

Sandra Lorton


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