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Readers Say Thanks

Glenwood Adventure Company to the rescue

This past Friday evening two fishermen and their dog took an unexpected swim in the Roaring Fork River after hitting what we call Hippo Rock, causing the dory to tilt and take on water. The fishermen and their dog were ejected but OK. The dory sank and hung up on rocks in our backyard.

With all of the firemen fighting the fire in Carbondale, no one was available to come save the dory, so the fire chief asked Glenwood Adventure Co. if it could help.

This is one big thank-you to Ken Murphy, his rafting crews and office staff for coming to the rescue Saturday evening and freeing the dory. Not only do they provide entertainment for the tourists that visit every summer, they also take care of the locals in need.

Thank you Glenwood Adventure Co. You Rock!

Aleece Mcclendon

Glenwood Springs

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