Readers say thanks |

Readers say thanks

Healing in the wilderness

Taking veterans into the wilderness for healing opportunities at the 10th Mountain Huts is the mission of Huts For Vets, a valleywide nonprofit that offers programs at no charge to qualifying veterans. Serving veterans on Colorado’s Western Slope is the mission of Western Slope Veteran’s Coalition.

Together we provide local support for veterans challenged on many fronts, the most important of which is reintegrating veterans into civilian life after having served on mission-driven military deployments. This can be a very tough adjustment, one that it takes entire communities to achieve.

HFV and WSVC were recipients of donations raised at a veterans benefit in Silt on Saturday, Sept. 24, and we want to thank the town of Silt for hosting the event at Stony Ridge Pavilion.

We also want to thank those who volunteered their precious time, and to all who turned out to support veterans who take part in Huts For Vets programs and those who benefit from services from the Western Slope Veterans Coalition.

Special thanks goes to Geno Soweija and TJ Soweija for organizing an amazingly ambitious event, and to Lester Rogers, who helped orchestrate a terrific line up of music. These and many other community members gave of themselves with total generosity, and we are grateful for their unflagging spirit and commitment.

We hope to hold the event again in summer 2017, and hereby invite everyone to attend what will be a community celebration supporting veterans in our communities and beyond.

Paul Andersen

Founder and executive director, Huts For Vets

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