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Readers Say Thanks

Summer Advantage makes a difference in school readiness

I just wanted to give a big thanks to Summer Advantage, Summit 54, Terri and Tony Caine and all the wonderful administration, staff and students at Summer Advantage.

SA has been recognized by TIME magazine and the White House Initiative United We Serve as an outstanding organization.

I am a six-year veteran teacher with this program and can’t say enough good things about it. It is five weeks of intense academic and enrichment learning. We laugh, we play, we learn, and we become a close knit group of people supporting our scholars.

Research shows that the average student falls back approximately three months in learning over the summer. Summer Advantage research has found that not only does our program eliminate learning loss but our scholars start the fall semester 1.6 months ahead of their peers who do not attend summer programming. That’s huge.

Please help me in supporting this wonderful organization and thank them for supporting our students.

Christine Sullivan

Glenwood Springs

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