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Readers Say Thanks

Great care at Valley View

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the amazing staff at Valley View and Pediatric Partners during our son’s recent ER visit.

We started with a clinic visit to check on an illness and then went to the ER. Drs. Eric Hall and David Brooks (Ped. Partners), Dr. Peery (ER), Dennis (RT), Adam (ER), Arla (lab), were amazing. All procedures and treatments were explained well, our questions were answered, everyone was so very kind and compassionate during our stay. Some of the folks that attended to Dawson came from the Safety Fair because they had experience with his specific challenges. We would also like to thank the flight crew from Children’s Hospital: Lora, Tom, and the pilot. What could have been a life-threatening situation was not due to their excellent care.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone for their prayers, especially Father Bert and St. Stephens.

Tony and Hillary Chamberlain

Glenwood Springs

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